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Explorers of Evergreen

This week marked a few things for us here at Camp Evergreen. First of all - it was a new age for us. EXPLORERS! These are our Grades 3-5 kids. They're so much fun and full of energy. Everything is an adventure! Not only that...but Tuesday also marked our halfway point. Can you believe it? We're halfway through summer! Which is really only something we make a note off because at the beginning of each week - our staff acknowledge that it's the first week of camp for each one of the campers arriving and that they deserve our best. So tonight (yes, two hours after our Explorers depart), when our Family Campers arrive, it will be the first camp experience for our Family Campers. The weather was fantastic again this week week. Nearly all sun - only storms after we were all done playing.  The kids were amazing as we moved through the Evergreen Olympic Events and Chapel was as special as ever with Staff Alumni and speaker extrordinaire, Becca Mabbett, sharing the word with us

Week 3: A Sunny Time for Trail Blazers!

Wow! The weather was nearly the exact opposite from last week. We had amazing weather all week long and boy oh boy was it nice. The weather meant our outdoor BBQ was rocking on Wednesday evening with water games and Jug 'n' Jog to boot. All sunshine and no rain meant that Semi-Pro skills were all running full tilt and we indulged in extra water games to keep kids cool and happy. The speaker this week was J Janzen from Abbotsford, BC. J is an expert storyteller and artist and it's always amazing to watch the kids as J is illustrating a story while also telling it. Mix that with his Vintage Film Features from the 1970s and you have some pretty captivated kids (and not just kids...all of us adult kids too). As the week wound down - we got to my favourite part...Testimony Sticks. And there was some good stuff that kids were sharing. Here are just a few of them: God is with you no matter where you go so if you're in troubled times, He will comfort you. You can mee

Week 2 = Fun (Rain or Shine)

  This really was the commitment this week by all staff and campers as we did not have much respite from the rain this week. If you looked at the smiles on the campers' faces and how crazy loud it got in the Dining Hall as the week went on - you would never know just how much rain actually fell at camp this week. We had some sun - and in the end only one or two activities got pushed. I'll give you something though - our Ignite 1 and Roughin' It Boys 1 kids are troopers. Rain or Shine - these kids were out to have fun this week. This week on Base Camp (Ignite 1), Tom Mulhern from Dalhousie Church in NW Calgary spoke to us about identity . He started the week off by showing us some pretty funny pictures of himself in Junior High and stories of where he grew up. He challenged each of us to start to answer the question of "Who am I?". The next night Tom posed the question... Who are you? What does the world say about you - how does the world define you? He had

Week 1 : Trail Blazers 1

It all began this week. Summer 2016 sky rocketed into action with five camps all starting. If you've visited our website in recent weeks you would have seen a large list of camps with the word FULL beside them all. Nearly all of the camps that started this week were soundly in that boat. Not only did the summer start with a bang but so did the weather. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday all saw their fair share of thunderstorms but the kids stayed dry and continued to have fun. With the start of a new summer comes many new games and, of course, the traditional standard favourites like Jug 'n' Jog. Our Olympic Theme this summer is quite timely and has got the kids super pumped about every "event" they participate in throughout the day. Water Triathlon! In fact, just last night the kids participated in a very unique Water Triathlon - Armpit/knee relay, Shaving Cyclist Xtreme (you're going to have to ask your kids about this one), and the shot put (inv