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Edmonton Fundraiser

We had a great night at the Edmonton Fundraiser.  Our hosts, Riverwest, treated us with excellent service.  Gery Schubert served us again, this time as Don Cherry as we had Hockey Night in Evergreen!  The evening started off with the singing of O Canada.  Andrew Baerg our board chair led us by saying grace and then it was time for the first period face off. Here's Don and Ron starting the evening off. Singing O Canada   The food committee at Riverwest simply out did themselves.  Cheri Andres and her crew put on a great spread that was more than enough.  My favourite was the cupcakes for dessert.  (I had an Oreo one!)  Check out the specially made cup cake holders built just for us! Josh one of our seasonal staff was referee for night. Dennis Wiens, pastor at Sunrise spent time in the penalty box courtesy of his son!  Some sort of strange pool noodle game?  Not sure what pool noodles have to do with ice? The rest of

Remembering Trail Blazers and Adventure Classic

As registrations keep pouring in - our excitement about the summer just keeps on growing. Check out what happened last year in Trail Blazers II: I can't wait. Only 159 days until Trail Blazers I...are you coming? Oh man, I just can't wait. You know what else I can't wait for? Adventure Classic. Which starts in only 152 days! Adventure Classic is one of our Out-Trips that heads out to the Ya Ha Tinda where our campers and staff go natural rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking, and camping. It's super fun and the Ya Ha Tinda is like a giant outdoor playground! There's no better way to grow closer in your walk with God than being smack-dab in the middle of mountains and creation. Check out some pictures from Adventure: If that doesn't want to make you want to go Adventuring with us...I don't know what will.