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Pond Hockey 2018

Wow! Pond Hockey was amazing! Our Ninth year was one for the record books, for sure. The weather was about as perfect as one could ask for and we had twelve teams sign up for an incredible day of hockey, raising funds for camp programs, and a great time with family.  It really is magical when the sun breaks over the trees in the morning. Teams came from all over Alberta to play: Edmonton, Gem, Linden, and Calgary. It really was a team effort! We raised over $32,000 for camp! How amazing is that?! Someone from Gem even pledged to donate $100/goal - we're pretty happy that Gem scored a lot of goals! Year after year, it's just amazing to see all of the support. Spectators, players, staff, and volunteers come together to make Pond Hockey one of the most amazing one day events that we hold here at Evergreen. In nine years, would you believe that we've raised $204,640 for camp? Yes - you really should read that again... $204,640.00 for