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christmas is coming...

you'd never really know if you looked outside but christmas is coming. i mean, we still have bare ground patches on our site. that's crazy. i just spent four days in florida at a christian camping international conference and it was great. the conference brings camp workers together from all across canada for networking and equipping. it was really great to learn a bunch of new stuff from internationally acclaimed authors and specialists not to mention meeting some really amazing camp missionaries that have been invested in camp ministry for over 30 years. apparently it was cheaper to do the conference in florida, not that i'm complaining but i didn't really get to experience the warm weather and actually it seemed like we were not in florida...if that makes any sense. I could have just as easily been in West Edmonton Mall in Galaxyland or their waterpark with the fake palm trees or something. it was very surreal. but onto more camp-related topics...we're getting