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Ignite 2, some summary and a photo essay.

Our Ignite 2 speaker was Travis Padgham, from Edmonton. Travis talked about what is truth? How do we know what's truth? And how do we know what's true? He talked about how what we choose matters and how placing the emphasis differently gives a person a different perspective on Micah 6:8. Remember this, campers? Walk humbly with your God Walk humbly with your God Walk humbly with your God Walk humbly with your God I think it was a week when a lot of people learned a lot of big things, and thought about a lot of big things. Who is Jesus? Why does He matter? What do I believe about Him? One of the biggest questions I was asked was, "what does it mean when the Bible says that God is a jealous God?" I love that all you all (campers) are asking big questions! May you find the answers, and the community who will walk with you as you learn to walk with God! As for the photo essay, Mountain biking is one of our chosen skills; Jyle and Emily (not pictured

trail blazers 2, belatedly

Trail Blazers 2 was a really, really long time ago. August 8-13, to be exact. It was a great week. Like, Tony the Tiger great. That's how great it was. Our speaker was J Janzen. J is from Abbotsford, BC and he is a storyteller. One of the staff came into my office after the first chapel and said, "did you know you'd brought Stuart McLean as the speaker this week?" That's the kind of story teller that J is. So what kinds of stories did J tell? He told the story of how God is created us and has plans for us and how Jesus loves us and lived for us and conquered death for us. He told us about his own life and how God designed him and each of his three brothers with their own skills and gifts. He talked about how God wants to use our lives to further His kingdom. It was a fun week! Sweet spotting on the low ropes course. The trailriders had lots of fun! L: Michael and Koda drive Buffalo Becca to skill or from skill or something. R: Courtney pre

sp&ex2 (august 3-6): fun in the sun!

Sparks & Explorers 2 (for students entering grades 1-4) was a super fun week. How glad am I that we've had four consecutive super fun weeks? It's amazing! Michael , who is one of our Assistant Program Directors, was our speaker for Sp&Ex2. It was his first time ever speaking and he did so great! He strapped on his gigantic backpacking backpack and broke out his walking stick. He talked about God is good , God is faithful and God is love. To tell us about how God is good , Michael talked about how God used bad circumstances (his brothers selling him into slavery!) in Joseph's life to do something amazing. To tell us about how God is faithful , Michael talked about how even after the Prodigal Son had left home and hurt his father a lot, his father welcomed him home when he chose to return. To tell us about how God is love , Michael talked about how Jesus came to earth to die for our sins and he was raised again by God after three days. (You can read

s'more sparks & explorers 1 (july 25 or 27-30)

More from Sparks & Explorers 1! (Pictures and tales from #2 are on their way ...) Sparks & Explorers 1 was a sunshine-y kind of week ... till Friday, when the parents arrived at the same time as a tornado warning! We had some small hail and some scary thunder and scarier clouds, but God protected us from the actual tornado. Thank you, Lord! Our speaker, Jenny Chell, is a big fan of listening to God and talking to God (maybe an easier way of saying that would be, "being in conversation with God") and as a result, we got to spend lots of chapel time writing and drawing about what we were learning from or about God! Jenny talked about God is with us A LOT. We learned about how God created the whole earth and how the same God who spoke all things into existence created us in His image. We talked a lot about how God loves us so much that He gives us the choice to love Him, instead of just forcing us to love Him. And, we learned that He loves us SO MUCH that He