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Hey folks - just Courtney here... I thought I would let you know about all the babies that have been springing up around here. It all started with a cute little nest of squirrel atop our Challenge Course that needed to get relocated because Moma Squirrel definitely was no "Scaredy Squirrel" and we were concerned that she was going to start taking offense to us being in her Nut Tree. So...the nest got carefully relocated to avoid any further altercations (we don't fancy angry squirrels). The other set of babies are actually nesting right outside my outside my office in one of the beams of the Welcome Centre. Robins! This is what they looked like last week: Ugly Babies!! They have bulgy eyes and no feathers... This week? Not so ugly! They've got feathers and are always looking for Momma to drop a worm in their mouths. I just think it's absolutely amazing to watch these birds grow. I can just imagine that next week they will likely begin flight trainin