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Ignite 1 in Pictures

Ignite 1: The Statistics Dates : 15-20 July 2012 Age Group : Grades 6-8 Number of Campers : Full camp! Overall Fun Rating : 11 moofen out of 10

Trailblazers 1!

--> July 8 marked the start of our very first week of summer camps for 2012. We began with a bang, having a full camp! We had a super fantastic time! Our speaker was Steve Ibbotson, who is a professor at Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills, Alberta. The kids loved him! He sparked awesome cabin discussions for devo times and really impressed upon the campers how big God's unconditional love is! It was a scorching hot week, getting all the way up to 33 degrees Celsius! We played all sorts of water games to keep the kids cool, like slip 'n' slide, drip drip drop, and going down to the creek. It was a marathon week of hydration and sunscreen application (and reapplication)! We heard things like this at our fireside chapel on Thursday night when kids can share about what they learned: "God took His time to make me His own masterpiece." "If God's with you it's not as terrifying going down the zipline or riding the talles