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rise 'n' shine was here

hello all! this is stephanie, courney's intern, updating today. this is me in case any of you don't know me (very likely). i came to work here in august and decided to stay for the year, which has been amazing so far. it's really great getting to know the people who work here and learning all that goes on. ummm...ya, that's about all about me that i can think of now, so on to rise 'n' shine! so about a week and a half ago was rise 'n' shine which was a lot of fun. the games and activites were fun and the food (as usual) was amazing. we had a wonderful game of snug 'n' snog, the climbing wall, trail rides, wagon rides, skating, taboggoning, and we can't forget the game of mission impossible. that was a blast! the coffee house was a good time just to relax and hang out with friends, both old and new. and the games at the coffee house, very fun. i love chubby bunny :). nathan arkell was the speaker and he did an awesome job. i don't know abo

on the road to rise 'n' shine

hey hey hey, well we're like 3 days away from rise 'n' shine 2007. wow 2007. that means we're 6 months (actually it's like 5.5 months) away from summer. NUTS! but not only is rise 'n' shine coming up but jennibee and i are heading out on the road to bible colleges to recruit our friendly neighborhood staff for the summer. so you can be praying for us while we're on the road (it snowed today...of course the day that we're going to be driving). anyways, we're going to take you with us and hopefully we can update this a few times so that you can come along for the ride. our first stop is Three Hills (i know i know, you're probably asking...where is that?) for Prairie Bible Institute. Then we're coming back to camp for Rise 'n' Shine (jr. high retreat) with nathan arkell and gem youth band, a little MI, and snug 'n' snog! then here's the schedule: briercrest (sun-tuesday) millar college of the bible (wednesday) bethany (

happy new year!!

greetings my little apple dumplings! well it's 2007 and things are already buzzing around here. it always seems to me that when january 1st hits every year, life is just an avalanche into july. can you believe it? it's only 6 months until july. that's nuts!! four months until may which means if you're a staffy type'd better be contacting me or jenni in the office so that we can get you a staff pac. our lovely friends from gem, ab. have been out working on the building. the windows are in and they've started framing...we've even got heat!! it's very exciting to walk past that building every morning. my office will be the square that is on the floor in the above picture that Kyle is standing in. the lower picture is from the SE corner of the building (i'm standing in the parking lot). i can't believe that we're only about 4 months away from may! ahhhh! that's crazy. we've got 8 retreats coming up...starting with (drumroll