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Generation 4 to the Coast!

At Stanley Park Possibly one of the most funny jumping pictures. This last week was our big trip to Vancouver Island with our Generation 4 Germans. As you may know - we like to take our Germans on Adventure Days now and again...all of which you can read about here . Our trip started out at 7am from Camp with the goal of driving to Stillwood Camp on Cultus Lake near Chiliwack. In previous years, the van as been quiet and sleepy for nearly the entire trip (even Daniel slept last year). But not this year...folks were singing and chatting and quite alert for most of the way. It was beautiful weather and we got to Cultus Lake right on schedule...however - nobody volunteered this year to take a dip in one of the deepest lakes on the Mainland. They did, however, run every trail up the mountain from Stillwood. The next day - was Granville Island and Stanley Park. We ate delicious market food and hung out with the whales at the Acquarium before heading to the ferry. It was amazing

Houston, We Have A Problem

  While we're not Apollo 13, we do have a problem here at Camp Evergreen.  Our 2016 Family Camp filled up in just three days.  Our summer camp registrations are significantly ahead of last year and we're on track to turn over 200 campers away this year, simply because we have no room.  Guest groups have grown steadily over the past six years and we're turning guest group after guest group away. I'm thankful for our problem.  It tells me that we are doing a good job portraying and representing Jesus Christ to our lost world.  It tells me that we have a strong community of "Camp Evergreeners" surrounding, supporting and uplifting us.  It also tells me that we have a great staff who love God and love our guests and campers.  And here's the good news... we have a solution to that problem!  Our Reaching Higher campaign addresses our need for space and will allow us to continue changing individual lives for the next 50 years. Reaching Higher inclu

We're Pregnant!

That's quite the headline, hey? Or should I say hay? Because really, it's Delilah the horse, that's pregnant - not one of us humans. ;) Some of you knew that it was a possibility and close to the end of summer it was confirmed - Delilah was, indeed, pregnant. Calamity Jane was only about 1.5ft tall! Expecting is always a fun thing around here. I've been working here long enough to remember Smoke, Sasha, Elmer, and Calamity Jane (our miniature horse) were a few that were born here. Having a foal here is SOOO exciting. They have so much energy and love bouncing around. It really adds something to the atmosphere down at the barn. Delilah's foal is due April 20th and we're taking good care of her until then. The reason that we tell you this now is probably the next most exciting thing. WE'RE HAVING A FOAL NAMING CONTEST!!! Say what?!? Ruby's foal, Elmer! Foals are awesome! Yes - we're (probably) letting you, our loving world of Eve

Seniors Day is Coming!

We have a lot of favourite days around here. A little like when Bacon or Geico also talk about their favourite part of chapel. Warm Ups are their favourite. MTWI Games are their favourite. Worship is their favourite. The speaker is their favourite. Basically...there are a lot of favourites. In fact...the whole entire thing is their favourite. So when I say that Seniors Day is my favourite just know that I have a lot of favourites. Seriously though - Seniors Day is amazing. This year, Seniors Day happens on Friday, May 20th. Can you imagine what might be better than having coffee, cinnamon buns, coffee, cookies, lunch made by Ken, opportunities to shoot bows and arrows, visit the horses, share stories about camp, have community with our staff, speak German with some of our Germans, and have more coffee and cookies? I think my favourite part of Seniors Day might be the stories about camp. Like that one time a black bear got into the kitchen (not the current kitchen - the ki

Want to see Al dance?

It was a great weekend! Boy oh boy, we sure do love retreat weekends. We look forward to these weekends all year. It's fun to hang out with the youth groups and have a change from the normal weekend rentals. We also unveiled our brand new 2016 wide game: MEXICAN SPACE FISHING!! Which further inspired our kitchen to make fish tacos for Saturday's supper (one of Jogee's favourite meals). We learned Spanish and went fishing and it was great fun! Now...who remembers the Spanish word for cod... It wouldn't be much of an Alberta winter retreat if we didn't get a bit of snow...and sunshine...and rain! So sure enough, it rained and snowed and was sunny all at different parts of the day on Saturday. Jug 'n' Jog was fantastic as always...and some day - someone will catch Toby. Our speaker for the weekend hailed from Chiliwack, BC. ( Which makes me want to shout out Whatcha Gonna Do?!?...only a very few of you will get that). Al kept us laughing about how to