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Sparky & Explorer Camps

hey hey hey! here's our first featured camp update. i'm gonna start with the little kids cuz they're so cute. SPARKY CAMP sparky camps are for our youngest campers (grades 1-3) and they always start on a wednesday and go to saturday. you get to spend 3 nights and 4 days making new friends, playing games (like capture the flag, counsellor hunt, and jug 'n' jog), singing songs (YODEL 'n' HUM), and doing activities. activities range from the climbing wall, pony rides, wagon rides, archery, high ropes, canoeing, crafts...and so much more. we have super cool speakers and lots of music. EXPLORER CAMP this camp is the next step up from sparky. grades 3-5 own the land! the week either starts on a monday or tuesday (depends which month you come in). have a chance to conquer the wall, scale our high ropes, ride a bucking bronco (just kidding - our horses don't know how to buck), and games...oh the games! capture the flag, jug 'n 'jog (cuz it just woul

spring is here!! (almost)

greetings. c-bear reporting. the snow is melting and everything is getting muddy out here. unfortunately it's just part of the story. i don't think that we could have spring without mud out here. it's supposed to be something beautiful like 14 degrees today and 15 tomorrow. awesome. but i hear that we're in for a bit of cooler weather and more snow. but it always happens. we're just about in april and that means the trees will start budding and the mud will start drying and SPRING will be right on it's way to ... way for it ... SUMMER! over the next few weeks, i'll be updating this twice a week. once will be to feature a camp and the other will just to say hello. i'll have some updated pictures of the building next week - i just don't have my camera with me right now. ah man! summer. hundreds of excited screaming kids and camps...lots of camps - and camp staff! hey, i'd love to hear about what your favorite part of camp is! i'm starting to

Yay for Snow!!!

well, we thought it was going to warm up, and it did...for a while. then, overnight we got about 3 or 4-ish (i'm a bad estimator :p) inches of snow. however, it is warmer again, so it's starting to melt all over again. talk about a lot of mud and ice! not a whole lot has been going on lately, ken (our own resident chef) has been doing the sanding for us in the welcome center, and is just about done. a great big thanks to him! the painters are coming in on thursday (i think anyway, don't quote me on that!) and that is really exciting. as cool as the snow is though, i'm ready for some warmer weather. i can just imagine how amazing summer is going to be with the sun shining and warmness that happens that time of the year! i love it. we also have another member of our staff that joined us two weeks ago. his name is omiunu, but most of us just call him johnson. it's a lot easier to pronounce for us less phonetically gifted :). he is from south africa, which i think is a


hello, hello. well i just thought i would dedicate this update to horses. not much has been going on here this last week. we're just working here to prepare for summer and such. our office building is getting sanded (the step right before we do the floor and then paint). we should be occupying the building by the second last weekend of april...that's totally exciting. dave is working really hard to make sure that our buildings all get a little tlc before this place comes alive in april. our camp brochures are out and if you haven't received one yet or are looking to go to camp for the first time or try us out for something different make sure that you contact us at 403-638-4230 or email me at: so that i can send you a camp brochure. we're going to be starting to feature one of our camps each week with pictures and information on top of our regular post so that you can learn a little more about each camp. HORSES. our beautiful beautiful horses

ode to fleisch 92

k - so i don't even know if i spelt that correctly...i'm not german - i'm scottish and in gaelic...we'd probably throw some silent q paired with a couple of "lls" that make a "ch" sound. was that confusing to anybody else? there has been a "thing" brought to my attention (it's not serious...well - it might be...heh heh) that the band that provided the most excellent music at our Family Meltdown was missed in last week's credits. so - they get their own post. their VERY own post. not just because vicky (featured beside me...vicky has the blond hair) mentioned that they weren't mentioned but also because they did an amazing job. the music was cool but i always enjoy watching dale use all his percussion stuff (like a rain stick! and something that resembles a giant gourd). the picture here is of the band. dale friesen is in the orange, vicky in the white, andrew is on drums, krista quapp is wielding the violin (she's a long sta