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winter is resilient...i'll give it that much.

i took this picture from my office window. it makes me want to cry. are we not supposed to be having RAIN showers? so that we can have may FLOWERS? isn't that how the rhyme goes? ugh! things...other than the snow - are going great. we're getting busier all the time...thanks to those who came forward and said that they would volunteer this weekend. I really, really appreciate it. we're doing pretty good out here. i can't wait to get into the new building. it should be about a month now until we're in it. That's super exciting. It's getting some of the finishing touches on it and soon - very soon we will be in it. as far as Ken the Cook goes...yes, he and rachel are pregnant and no they have not had their baby yet. i will keep everyone updated. that should happen within the next two weeks but we expect sooner rather than later. i was a lazy bum last week and did not update the blog. so i'm two camps behind. So let's get caught up! IGNITE CAMPS better k

volunteers needed!!

hey everybody, this may only effect a few of you. but we desperately need volunteers for April 20-22nd (this coming weekend) and April 27-29th. we can use anybody from dishwashers to kitchen help and maintenance. our chef (Ken) and his wife are due to have a baby anytime now and it's crunch time for us. if you could come out and help us that would be awesome. if you are under 18 years old, make sure you ask your parents...maybe they can come help too. email me at: or call me at 403-638-4230 on monday or tuesday if you can help us out. thanks everybody and i'll talk to you next week, c-bear ps: if you didn't know what i really look's a pic of me and my kid (dog) koda.

new building, new baby, new llama?

just kidding about the llama. we do have one...actually two. sprocket and spigget (as in the thing that a water tape attaches to). here's sprocket (very attractive, i know): well - the building is getting close to done. i think we're going to be moving in at the end of May. The doors are on, the floors are done, the walls are painted...just lights, window cills, interior furniture (mill work), toilets and sinks (can't forget those!), and last little touches like that. The building looks AWESOME. there's been a guy working hard for the last month or so putting the outside trim on the building - makin' it look pretty. see for yourself: new baby - that's right...tasha (one of our mares) has had a baby! our first 2007 foal!! she's so cute. jon and julia have yet to name her but i'm sure it will be a good one. i'll keep you up to date on the naming of the foal in the next couple of days. that's all for now...let's hope that it just keeps on meltin

looking forward...

thanks for the comments. i always love hearing from campers and staff...heh heh ojo! this week has been very hard for me because of the snow. it doesn't even feel like it's the beginning of april. it actually feels like it's the beginning of march. this is the kind of weather that i normally get on my birthday. boourhns. but hopefully, with the weather getting nicer this coming weekend all the snow will disappear and spring will arrive. isn't the rhyme supposed to go april showers bring may flowers? last time i checked april snowfall does not produce pretty flowers. * sniff sniff * since i will be gone until next wednesday i am going to feature another camp this week. so hear comes trail blazers: Trail Blazers this camp is new this year. it's for grades 5 and 6. this week will be a little bit of a taste of our ignite camps. campers will get an opportunity to chose two special skills in the week. skills like mountain biking, horsemanship, marksmanship (arrows, a