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February 2011 Update

Prayer Requests ❄ We're in the midst of hiring our 2011 staff team. Pray that God provides a team of young adults who have surprising amounts of maturity, crazy amounts of energy, and an unquenchable drive to share the love of Christ with everyone they meet. ❄ We had 646 campers in 2008 and 2009, 664 campers in 2010, and we're praying that we'll see about 690 campers in 2011. ❄ Please pray for safety at the February Rise 'n Shine retreat, lots of fun and great bonding times for the participating youth groups. Thank God for a fantastic January Rise 'n Shine, where speaker Mike Perschon (who will be back for Round 2) challenged the kids to seek out how God wants to use their lives. Upcoming Ev ents Rise 'n Shine (Junior High Retreat) Round 2 – February 25-27, 2011 Ladies' Retreat – April 15-17, 2011 Father & Sons' Retreat – June 3-5, 2011 for details, costs & registration on retreats and events: Pond Hockey Tournam

Emily in the Winter.

As the frost shimmers in the sunlight and the wind picks up blowing the -30 temperature at my face, I lower the plow and head down the driveway cleaning up the snow from the day before. For some reason I think that may be the best introduction to who I am and to one of the many things I love doing here at camp during the winter season. My name is Emily and I love working outside. Temperatures don’t seem to slow me down much and weather conditions mean nothing to me. Now I’m not saying I’m invincible or untouchable. Rather, having rosy pink cheeks and feeling the pure exhaustion of hard work and walking with heavy winter boots and all the layers all day is somehow comforting and reassuring that hard work pays off in the end. Working on maintenance during the winter is such a beautiful thing. In the winter, we have time to accomplish the tasks and repair jobs that have been waiting months for even a quick assessment glance. So far this winter has been very busy, from the very first

Winter Life at Camp Evergreen’s Barn.

Hey all, it’s Julia again! Living here at camp is a treat in the winter time. It isn’t always easy to work at the barn in the middle of winter though. When it gets super cold outside, one doesn’t always feel like going outside and doing their work in the cold. However, some of the most exciting part of my job happens in winter. As people who come to the barn often know, horses don’t train themselves, and Camp Evergreen does have some horses that haven’t been broke to ride yet. We also have some horses that just need some riding time. When the weather isn’t too bone chillingly cold, you can find Jon and I out in the round pens and out on the trails working with these horses. Currently we are working on three horses that haven’t had official rides on them, and we have one who has had only a couple rides. We also have a couple of horses that were started last winter that are mostly just getting time put on them. Munchkin, and Liberty are four year old sisters who are two of the