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cabin buildin': an august update

Cabin Fever! News So much is happening! The first cabin, which will be a wheelchair accessible cabin, is well underway. By the end of this week, it will be entirely weather sealed and water proof. Next steps include electrical work, so the contractors can come back in to do the interior finishing, and the exterior finishing. Things are moving along at a nice clip. The pilings are in for three more cabins after this first one, already. Dave and his team are also making plans for building bunks, setting up the boot rooms and building benches. With the future cabins, after this first one is complete, we will be engaging volunteers in the furnishing aspect of the cabin process. More information about becoming involved with the furnishing aspect will be released later this fall. Coming Up ... Once this first cabin is complete in the fall, we will be releasing final price on the cabins. Stay tuned! Prayer Requests Please pray for safety as work continues, especially since

IN PICTURES sparks & explorers (times two!)

we ran our sparks & explorers camps in two consecutive weeks of great! i'm going to post them both at once because all the pictures are in one folder and i'm not 100 per cent confident i'll post the right pictures with each week. so, we'll just do everything all together, all right? i've always loved sparks & explorers because they are so fun and full of great observations and adorableness. these two weeks of cuties did not disappoint! they were lots of fun (and i think they had lots of fun!) and had some great observations about life ("wait, God is BIGGER THAN MY HOUSE???"). sparks & explorers 1: the statistics dates: july 24-29 age group: grades one through four number of campers: 63 other camps underway at the same time: ARISE, Roughin' It Boys, Adventure Classic speaker: Becca Mabbett general awesome rating: seventy-three gold stars, out of a possible sixty-one sparks & explorers 2: the statistics dat

adventure classic, according to jasper.

So I have successfully avoided writing on the blog for this long but no longer. My name is Jasper and I have worked at camp for 5 summers and 3 springs. I come from a small farming community called Gem and I really enjoy the outdoors. This summer, I have been leading a program called Adventure Classic and it has been a fantastic part of this summer for me, so I am going to tell you a little bit about it. So here is a rundown of how the week works: Sunday afternoon, everyone arrives at camp. Once everyone has arrived, we drive out to the Ya Ha Tinda, where we tent for the week at Eagle Lake campground. While there, we hike out to Eagle Lake, we go white water rafting with Mukwah rafting tours , we rock climb and (if the water is not too high) go to some natural waterslides. If the water's too high for the waterslides, we hike out to Bighorn Falls. Back at the camp site we cook excellent meals, play some capture the flag, or just chill around the fire and have some