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A New Heart

Hasn't fall just been absolutely amazing this year? I feel like we're being spoiled with the colours. I don't know if we have had the kind of colours that we have had this year in years. It's almost unbelievable to walk out to the barn and see the array of yellows, oranges, and greens. We're just starting our second month of fall groups. By the time October finishes, we will have seen over 2000 people come through Evergreen in just two months. Isn't that crazy? I love Guest Groups. The variety and personalities of the group. One day we might have a group of Beaver Scouts and the next could be a quilting group. Today we have a huge Home Schoolers group and tomorrow will be Edge School of Athletics. It's always an adventure here. This last weekend was a special one though. It was our Heart Transplant Group. Families from across Western Canada who have a son or daughter who has been through one or more heart transplant. This group has been coming for a f

Rise Up is Coming Soon!!

We love fall around here. The changing leaves and the way the air is so crispy in the mornings. Yes - it's a haunting reminder that winter is coming but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. One of the things that fall means is Rise Up. It's our High School Retreat. It's so much fun and a great reminder of camp...which fades so quickly from our minds when school starts. So the most perfect way to solve that is to come to Rise Up! A perfectly packed weekend of fun, games, evening programming, and chapels. We're joined this year by Tom and Malora Mulhern from Dalhousie Community Church : And Jonathan Klein from First Alliance in Calgary (don't you just love what you can find on the internet?):   So if you're thinking to yourself - oh boy, I really, like, REALLY miss camp. Pack your bags because it's going to be a great weekend you won't want to miss! This retreat isn't just for youth groups! If you're a student enter grades 9-12 a

2,400 Guests!

We're expecting 2,400 guests to join us here at Camp Evergreen between September and the end of November, 2015.  2,400 is a large number.  By comparison is only 2,637 km to Disneyland from Camp Evergreen.  (I just checked on Google Maps as Disneyland is never far from my mind!). Typically when we think about the ministry here at Evergreen we think about our summer camps.  And rightly so.  We think about chapels and camp fires.  We think about singing and testimonies.  We think about speakers and cabin devotions.  And while its true that ministry happens in summer (267 campers made a life changing decision this summer), the other ten months of the year have just as much value in our ability to see lives transformed by the power of Jesus. I was reminded again this morning scrolling through Google News, that we live in a very messed up world.  However, I was also encouraged this morning reading the apostle Paul's letter to the Ephesians, that we need to make the mos

Twenty and Counting

That's how many Germans we're at. Twenty! Can you even believe it? Two weeks ago, Marlisa (Marley) Nikesch, our twentieth volunteer from WEC Germany arrived, rounding out Generation Four. Introducing Generation Four (you have met Toby, Gerrit and Manuel on Facebook): A giant welcome to Marley...we had some challenges finding the "right" picture: Some of you may remember that we name each year of German Volunteers by Generations. We started back in 2012 with Generation One that consisted of Christoph (#1), Jessica (#2), and Hannah S. (#3). We assign numbers (for no other purpose than to keep their order straight in our heads) based on when they arrive - making Christoph German #1...much to Jessica's chagrin. Generation Two started with Maren at #4, Daniel at #12 in Generation Three, finally Miriam who was #15 started Generation Four off. It's pretty amazing to think that only a few short years ago this whole life-changing adventure started. Not just

Pond Hockey is Coming

I know what you're thinking - Pond Hockey already? Summer is over, kids are back in school and you may even just be still unpacking your trailer from all of your summer adventures (or packing it up to come to Camp Evergreen for their Family Camp this weekend) . And here we are...talking about Pond Hockey already. I personally would love to avoid talking about winter for as long as possible but Pond Hockey is completely different. Pond Hockey is the most fun way to spend a wintery day (and yes...that truly did rhyme). We're working hard at putting together some fantastic Silent Auction and Door Prizes...we're keeping the organ tuned and warming up the Quad-bonie (okay, I'm just kidding on the last one). Registration is open for all teams today - so if you're interested, don't wait long to contact me. Two teams have already registered. Don't forget that there's a Children's Skills Competition in the afternoon! Here are the details for t