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all i want for christmas...

is -15 weather. or EVEN -20 weather. none of this -30 weather and wind chill (or EXTREME WIND CHILL) of -44. this weather makes my heart hurt just a little...and my car's block heater - which incidentally decided kick the bucket yesterday...hopefully it was just too cold... this picture is from our Christmas Banquet on Dec. 6th. our girl Kristy playing the flute. we auctioned off some amazing photos of camp, had some musical performances by staff (not me) and had a great message shared by our board chairman, Bob Thiessen. it was a great night with neighbors, community members, and donors. well - this last week was a good one. i got lots and lots of work done and we were gearing up to do a volunteer day at the Operation Christmas Child headquarters in Calgary on Friday but alas...snow, wind, more snow, dropping temperatures, and yet - more snow. needless to say, we got half way to didsbury and had to turn back. bah-humbug to that. well - if anybody has free time on their hands, c

white christmas

so it would appear that we're going to have a white christmas after all! we got about 5-6 inches last night. glorious. i'm loving it because it's not cold. fluffy white snow with -5 weather is so perfect. i wish winter could stay like this forever. sure - the roads aren't super d duper but all you do is drive slower and little more careful. i went snow-shoeing today with camp's brand new (well - new to us) snow-shoes. we had 15 pairs donated which is very, very exciting. i'm planning on putting together a fantastic winter outdoor education program to pull in new groups during the winter. we're hoping to get approximately 15 pairs of non-wax cross country skies and a track setter to accompany the snow shoes. we'll teach orienteering (maybe combine with the snow shoes) and winter camping/survival skills...if we ever got enough snow we could build a quinsee's...that would be a lot of fun! i'm very stoked about the changes that are happening and al