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Meet Mitch!

Name: Mitch Age: 56....or 18 Home town: Cranbrook, B.C Hobbies/ Loves: Star Wars, Photography, Psych, Pineapples(but not actually eating them!) Favourite Bible Verse: Isaiah 40:6-8 Why are you at camp? "My dad stole me from BC! ... or maybe he got the job as Executive Director and then I secretly wanted to come along!..shhh" What did you do before camp? He worked at Taco Time while in high school! What do you do at camp? Cause mayhem, Take photos & makes movies for promotional stuff & then I work and stuff.. What did you want to be when you were 5? Architect   If you were a plant what plant would you be? A Watermelon! Did you know; a Watermelon is a vine-like (scrambler and trailer) flowering plant originally from southern Africa...Thanks, Wikipedia! If people were to describe you in one word, what would it be? Legit What would your ultimate care package look like? Skittles, lots of Skittles... Sour ones!

Christmas Time

ARE YOU A HOCKEY FAN? In December we (Courtney, Kathrin, Christoph, Hannah and Fritzi (Jess)) watched the Red Deer Rebels compete against the Calgary Hitmen. For Hannah and Fritzi it was their first Hockey game to see ever. Being aware of  soccer rules(and their slight similarity to hockey rules) it was a challenge for us to catch up with this traditional Canadian sport. Unfortunately the Rebels, whom we were cheering and shaking our rattles for, lost. The final result: Red Deer Rebels 1 : 2 Calgary Hitmen But this didn't keep us from taking a photo with our friend and mascot Woolly Bully. First Canadian Christmas! This is/was our Evergreen Christmas Tree 2012.  Can you see him smiling at you? :) On the 18 th of December we had a staff Christmas celebration. After going out for dinner in Sundre we had a gift exchange. There were all kinds of gifts from M&M dispensers to funky flash lights and other cool thi