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You don't want to miss this!

This weekend marks one of our most important weekends as an organization; Our AGM and Open House. The AGM is important because it's where our members (nearly anyone can be a member at camp!) get to be actively involved in the decisions for camp, we vote people in and we give lots of free stuff away...and then we have fun - lots of fun playing on the activities and eating together. I know what you're thinking...this is probably the 9th AGM you've been to this year already. I can count about 4 that I've been to and I don't even have kids! Regardless of how many you've been to - I can guarantee that our AGM is unlike any other. Here's Andrew, our Board Chair inviting you to our AGM: Let's just say that you're on the fence about whether you should come or not...let's list the reasons why you SHOULD come! 1. Food! Ken is cooking...there's going to be lunch for the AGMers and a free BBQ for anyone that is coming for the Open House. So h