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father & son retreat: it's a wrap!

Father & Son Retreat, two weekends ago, was super fun! Our speaker was Rob Holland and everyone really enjoyed him. I know this because I read the evaluations and the fathers who evaluated shared resounding appreciation of the message Rob shared. (As I am neither a father nor a son, I didn't attend chapel ... so I can't report in further details. Maybe someone will leave a comment?) The fathers and sons also reported that they appreciated the time they were able to spend to together, and the opportunity to "get back to the basics". Our staff had lots of fun too. We're already looking forward to next year (you can mark it in your calendars: June 8-10, 2012). Bottle rockets! Bottle rockets were the funnnnnnest. Hiiiiyah! Jasper is now a wrangler. Sometimes. Contrary to tale told by the full out wrangler jacket (slicker? is that what they're called?), it was very nice day on Saturday! We're 64% sure Owen has a future as a jockey. Good form, r

and the building begins ...

Waaay back in 2009, we started on the Cabin Fever! project. Our cabins, if you've stayed in them, are kind of ... old. It was time to do something about that! Move into the modern age! It's taken a while to get to the place where we can start building, but now, as the proud owners of a Development Permit and a Building Permit, and cabin plans that have been blessed* by our Health Inspector, we are ready to roll! You'll be hearing fundraising requests from us in the coming weeks and months; we currently have just over $90,000 in the bank and in commitments to the project. In the past couple of weeks, Dave has prepped the sites for the first four cabins -- clearing trees, leveling the sites and having the pilings put in. We'll be building in three phases, or four cabins at a time. The cabins won't be ready for this summer. Now that we're actually building, and as long as the funding we require keeps flowing in, we expect that to finish all twelve cabins, it wi