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January 25th Work Day

We had a great w ork day on Saturday, January 25 th .   The sun was shining, the weather was warm and the food was fantastic.   Here's Ken braving the January temperature working his skills on the BBQ!   (tinkl ing the ivories comes to mind) The flame is all good though, just adds flavour! As you can see by the group picture we had a good crowd out helping us.   Thanks to all the volunteers and our staff for their hard work. We had three projects we were working on.   The first project was to finish insulating the cabins.   Christoph, Sebastian , John and Owen ( far left in the group picture ) were the main insulation crew .  It seems like wearing flannel was the prerequisite. Sebastian and John were on the ground making sure the insulation was flowing.   Notice the high tech instrument John is using to break up the insulation.   To most eyes it would look like a piece of scrap lumber, but to the trained eye its a delicate piece of scrap lumber.

5 Germans & One Big Canadian Christmas

It's Christmas Time!     Normally in every German house, it starts with 1 candle on the advent wreath and then you get this feeling: It’s Christmas time! But this year it was different: Although Felix tried his best with playing Michael Bubl├ęs Christmas Songs back and forth since October, the Christmas feeling didn’t really want to come up until two weeks before Christmas. But then we were amazed by the effort that the Canadians made to give us a perfect Christmas experience.    It started with a Staff-Christmas-Party in the Heritage Room. Bob and Bev put lots of work in it and created a wonderful atmosphere. Something that surprised us was the food. Although Germans have a big diversity of food at Christmas, we didn’t expect Chinese food at a Canadian Christmas Party. (Yummy, yummy, it was so good! ) For the actual Christmas days, we split up in little groups and we were invited to different people. Despite we spent Christmas at different places, we all experience

Was the Pond Hockey a Success?

YES! The 5 th Annual Pond Hockey was a resounding success!  Ten teams from across Alberta joined us for the day.   Together we raised just over $20,500!  This money will go toward our Cabin Fever project, (a friendly reminder that our next Cabin Fever Work Day is Saturday, January 25 th !)  The Lord truly blessed us with perfect weather.  Our staff worked extremely hard getting the site prepared, putting in long hours “zamboni-ing” the ice!  Ken and the kitchen staff put on a wonderful spread and a special thanks to Taylor Jenkins, our Assistant Program Director, for organizing the event.   The Procrastinators - captained by Matt Enns - captured the coveted “Golden Skate” award.  It was a close battle as the Procrastinators came from behind to beat the District 5 Slugs, (led by our favourite man of many faces – Gery Schubert) late in the game.  Congratulations Procrastinators and we hope to see you back next year to defend your title.  

Getting Ready For Camp

Wow. Can I just say wow? Wow. 2014 has kicked into high gear and we're only 8 days in. Registrations for Summer Camp launched on Monday and we're already dozens AND dozens of registrations ahead of last year. Apparently we're not the only ones excited for camp this summer. And that only makes me more excited (if that's even possible). I LOVE camp. If you've never met me - well, here's the first things to know about me - I love Jesus and I love camp. I love the crazy games and dressing up for no reason other than to be goofy. I love wide games and singing. I love turning cabins into wild adventures for Cabin Cleaning. I love watching kids and staff be transformed by the power of Jesus. Did you know that's why we get up early and stay out late doing all those crazy things? So that we can see Lives Transformed by the Power of Jesus. I seriously have goosebumps right now just writing about it. So in amidst hunting dinosaurs (Jurassic Park), stealing re

A New Year

I've always liked the New Year.  As a kid it was the one night a year I could make an attempt to stay up till midnight!  More often than not I didn't quite make it. (on a side note I did make it to12:01this morning!)  If by chance I made it to midnight as a kid, I could rummage through moms cupboard, find the biggest pot and a wooden spoon, head out the front door and make as much noise as I could.  How fun is that?  In the middle of the night, running around acting like an idiot – legally!  I do remember breaking at least two spoons in the process. I've never been very good at making or especially keeping New Years Resolutions.  I've tried eating healthy.  That typically lasts only a short time before having another Root Beer Float or “having” to finish all the Christmas baking.  How about exercising more?  Today is great.   Its only -3 and sunny.   But when its minus 40...somehow its hard to get out for a walk!  However I've always liked the concept o