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Mighty Sparkies

This week we welcomed our youngest campers, our Sparkies, to a week of fun in the sun! Don’t worry, we put on all the sunscreen, drank all the water, and wore all the hats we could find! These campers have loads of energy and don’t stop ‘till they drop (thank goodness for nap time). This week was an adventure for sure, whether it was the good food or soaking our cabin leaders with water balloons at tuck time, these kiddos were all in. We fit a lot of fun into this short week including chapel, pony rides, canoeing, archery, arts and crafts, horse care, bouncy castle, climbing wall, wagon rides, and the best games camp has to offer (that’s right, I’m talking about jug & jog)!    Our speaker Kendall, the children’s pastor at SunWest Church in Calgary, challenged our campers with some very good questions. Every chapel the kids were asked two questions, “who is Jesus?” and “what does that make me?” They learned about what Jesus has done for us and how loved they are by God. K

Thundering Trail Blazers

This week was full of fun, Jesus, and thunder. Every day, it seemed, had storm clouds roll in and thunder. Fortunately for us, it seemed to only really rain when we were inside for meals or Chapel. Activities like Horsemanship, Zipline, Canoeing, archery, and more! These kids played our wide games with enthusiasm and gusto - you could often hear them playing halfway across camp. I hope all of the parents enjoy the singing today at Closing as much as we have all week. This week our speaker was from Dalhousie Church in Calgary, Brennan Dyck. It was so much fun to see the kids interact with Brennan in chapel and during the games. Last night we had our testimony "rocks" because for the third week in a row, we were rained out from our fire ring. The weather wasn't a downer though - as always - testimony nights are MY favourite. I absolute love hearing what kids are learning about God and what they're experiencing at camp. Here is a small sample of the testimo