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Turkeys, mustaches and home sick children

Hello all readers of the camp-evergreen blog. Out side the window of this office I can see kids of the grade seven to nine camp running around chasing each other. The strange thing is that about half of them have mustaches. EVEN THE GIRLS!!! The kids strangely enjoy it and we have a good way of telling the teams apart. It minimizes cheating also. Last week flew by it seemed as though our junior and sparky campers were only here for a few minutes and then gone. They were tons of fun. We were sad to see them go. A highlight for me this past week was seeing the cabin leaders, take care of the homesick kids and the ones that couldn't sleep. Reading them stories and giving them hugs and reminding them that Jesus loves them. Even though they missed their parents they could still have fun and they did. Its hard to believe that there is only two weeks left of camp. And this week is half over. Our speaker this week is Dale Friesen. All the way from Coaldale Alberta where, according

The first entry of August 2008

G'day ladies and Gentle men boys and girls.  Here is hopefully the first of many blog posts for the month of august.  I have recently returned from the land down under (Australia) and jumped right back into the crazy fun times of camp.  Our fifth week of the summer has just begun and already I have seen kids running and laughing, and am hearing stories from the different activities and how much fun our grade 3-5 children are having.  Soon even more kids are coming and we look forward to them arriving.   I have heard many many good things about what has happened whilst I was away.  The videos that are made at the end of the week are very exciting to watch.  Hearing what the speakers are talking about and how its impacting both the campers and the staff was and is very exciting.  It is clear that God is present here and doing things with and in the people here.   I'll hopefully be able to conquer the computer problems and update this blog at the end of every week.  It has been a