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all i want for christmas...

is -15 weather. or EVEN -20 weather. none of this -30 weather and wind chill (or EXTREME WIND CHILL) of -44. this weather makes my heart hurt just a little...and my car's block heater - which incidentally decided kick the bucket yesterday...hopefully it was just too cold... this picture is from our Christmas Banquet on Dec. 6th. our girl Kristy playing the flute. we auctioned off some amazing photos of camp, had some musical performances by staff (not me) and had a great message shared by our board chairman, Bob Thiessen. it was a great night with neighbors, community members, and donors. well - this last week was a good one. i got lots and lots of work done and we were gearing up to do a volunteer day at the Operation Christmas Child headquarters in Calgary on Friday but alas...snow, wind, more snow, dropping temperatures, and yet - more snow. needless to say, we got half way to didsbury and had to turn back. bah-humbug to that. well - if anybody has free time on their hands, c

white christmas

so it would appear that we're going to have a white christmas after all! we got about 5-6 inches last night. glorious. i'm loving it because it's not cold. fluffy white snow with -5 weather is so perfect. i wish winter could stay like this forever. sure - the roads aren't super d duper but all you do is drive slower and little more careful. i went snow-shoeing today with camp's brand new (well - new to us) snow-shoes. we had 15 pairs donated which is very, very exciting. i'm planning on putting together a fantastic winter outdoor education program to pull in new groups during the winter. we're hoping to get approximately 15 pairs of non-wax cross country skies and a track setter to accompany the snow shoes. we'll teach orienteering (maybe combine with the snow shoes) and winter camping/survival skills...if we ever got enough snow we could build a quinsee's...that would be a lot of fun! i'm very stoked about the changes that are happening and al

christmas is coming...

you'd never really know if you looked outside but christmas is coming. i mean, we still have bare ground patches on our site. that's crazy. i just spent four days in florida at a christian camping international conference and it was great. the conference brings camp workers together from all across canada for networking and equipping. it was really great to learn a bunch of new stuff from internationally acclaimed authors and specialists not to mention meeting some really amazing camp missionaries that have been invested in camp ministry for over 30 years. apparently it was cheaper to do the conference in florida, not that i'm complaining but i didn't really get to experience the warm weather and actually it seemed like we were not in florida...if that makes any sense. I could have just as easily been in West Edmonton Mall in Galaxyland or their waterpark with the fake palm trees or something. it was very surreal. but onto more camp-related topics...we're getting

i'm back

hello everybody... well, it's been a year - and i'm back. i've had some awesome adventures which i will tell you about soon but I just wanted to say hello and that i hope that this summer has been awesome and everybody learned a pile about God and Jesus' love for you. it's friday and tonight starts our sr. high retreat "Rise Up"...we've got Dan King in from Vancouver Island and Vicky Berg and friends are doing the worship...we've also go a guest band in for our coffee house tonight and tomorrow night...the biggest and most intense game that we've ever played. it's bible smugglers like you've never seen here's not even a game - it's like we transported you into russia circa 1940. hang out cuz it's going to be a wicked ride! peace out c-bear

Turkeys, mustaches and home sick children

Hello all readers of the camp-evergreen blog. Out side the window of this office I can see kids of the grade seven to nine camp running around chasing each other. The strange thing is that about half of them have mustaches. EVEN THE GIRLS!!! The kids strangely enjoy it and we have a good way of telling the teams apart. It minimizes cheating also. Last week flew by it seemed as though our junior and sparky campers were only here for a few minutes and then gone. They were tons of fun. We were sad to see them go. A highlight for me this past week was seeing the cabin leaders, take care of the homesick kids and the ones that couldn't sleep. Reading them stories and giving them hugs and reminding them that Jesus loves them. Even though they missed their parents they could still have fun and they did. Its hard to believe that there is only two weeks left of camp. And this week is half over. Our speaker this week is Dale Friesen. All the way from Coaldale Alberta where, according

The first entry of August 2008

G'day ladies and Gentle men boys and girls.  Here is hopefully the first of many blog posts for the month of august.  I have recently returned from the land down under (Australia) and jumped right back into the crazy fun times of camp.  Our fifth week of the summer has just begun and already I have seen kids running and laughing, and am hearing stories from the different activities and how much fun our grade 3-5 children are having.  Soon even more kids are coming and we look forward to them arriving.   I have heard many many good things about what has happened whilst I was away.  The videos that are made at the end of the week are very exciting to watch.  Hearing what the speakers are talking about and how its impacting both the campers and the staff was and is very exciting.  It is clear that God is present here and doing things with and in the people here.   I'll hopefully be able to conquer the computer problems and update this blog at the end of every week.  It has been a

Trail Blazers 1: July 7-12, '08

Good times at Camp Evergreen. This week we had over a hundred campers invade the premises to start off our summer. The Trail Blazers (Grades 5-6) had a great time competing in the Evergreen Olympics, devouring Ken's delicious meals, and learning all kinds of new things about God. This year we tried something different to kick off every new week of camp. Since the Olympics are going on right now, we decided to pit the kids against each other in contest spanning the whole camp. They all had a blast climbing up the wall with the Olympic torches, giving pony rides, and playing hopscotch in the meeting rooms. Every fought the good fight and everyone, including the counselors, enjoyed this new experience. The speaker this week, Kelly, told us all about the many names of God. We all learned that God's name can all tell us something new about him, for example, Jehovah Shalom means God is Peace. The kids also learned the meanings of their names and I'm sure the

The most clever title ever

Hello everyone it's time to update the blog about 'stuff' 'things' and.... ummm....'the like' I am excited to update this blog it is one of my favorite things to do. Well without any more introduction here we go, apologies for the lack of proper grammar and spelling STUFF: Life is busy here at camp, many children come and go. At times our camp is full of children running around. The field games are incredible to watch with so many smiling, frolicking children We teach them stuff about nature, horses, crafts and climbing (to name a few) and then we do it all over again. More kids come sometimes even before the first ones leave It is just over half way through our spring and some of the us are pretty tired. I continue to learn about relying on God's strength and not my own. God says to 'come all you weary, and find rest for your souls.' We can trade burdens and his is easy and light. It has been raining allot and we are all wet and the boot roo

God First, Safety Second...

Greetings !!! it feels like its been an eternity since this blog was updated. It's luKe updating, again in case you were worried that I was a made up for a giant April fools joke... Much has transpired since I last wrote. People have left camp to pursue other dreams, snow has fallen, moose have eaten the bark of several of our trees, birthdays celebrated, butter tarts eaten and NEW PEOPLE HAVE COME!!! God has provided several new staff for us to get to know, cry and laugh with and become fantastic friends...with. There are; in no particular order; Ashley Schellenberg ;- also called 'schberg' (for obvious reasons) - Part of the program team for the summer. She has some Bible College education under her belt. Julia The Wall ;- she got her nickname because she wont tell us her middle name, and because there was a pressing need to tell have one of the Julia's with a nick name... fresh out of Bible college and ready and excited to teach kids about Our Lord Jesus. Kayla Whitn

See I am doing a brand new thing

Hello all readers of the camp dash evergreen blog. It is april first, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the tank is clean (and 'Finding Nemo' is being quoted) spring is right around the corner and it is time for this blog to be updated. Given the lack of foolish people that read this blog there will be no attempts to fool any one you. My name is Luke. I just started here at camp. Just started for this year, that is. I've been coming here on and off for a few years now. Many changes have happened (as you are probably well aware) and the job that I was originally hired for technically no longer exists. Thus I cannot give you an acurate job title and I'm not allowed to just make one up. So far my job duties have been to update this blog and learn myself about many of the new things that I havn't done before. Since I dont know much else about my job- I figure ill tell you what i do know and if there's one thing I know it's about my self... Here is a re

...And time MARCHes on...

Hey Everyone, Stevyn here! Once again, things around camp are changing. One of the things we are most excited for is our new challenge course. It's in the process of being built as I am writing, and will be ready by the summer for all of you to use!! As the title indicates, spring is indeed upon us which means many things - warmer weather, busier schedules, and the sighting of animals like deer, squirrels and birds. Another exciting part of spring at camp evergreen is the birth of foals. Although we don't have any yet, we are looking forward to the arrival of three babies in the near future! Sunny, one of the mares expecting a foal. Daisey, Julia's mare, is also going to have a foal soon. Ruby, our third mare expected to foal out soon. We're also getting excited as we look forward to, and have begun to plan for the summer. Things are already starting to buzz around here with excitement and anticipation of the week you will be here!! Spring staff will

116 days til camp!

the count-down has begun. alyssa and i were talking this week and revived the count-down tradition. so here it is! excited yet? theme for summer 2008: colossians 1:17 He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.

Hello There!

Hey there, its Julia. Apparently I get to be the first one to update since Jenni's intros. So far this year, we have had two of our retreats. We had the Rise'n' Shine Jr High retreat, and the Ladies retreat. This past week has been a week of band camps. Two groups from Ecole Airdie have been out here to visit with us. As I sat around, I was remembering what it was like for me as a Jr High band student. When you are in jr high, you think that even though your are just learning how to play, you are still the best player in the band, and to you, your band sounds amazing. When you get down to it though, the band is still just a beginner band and your are not going to sound like the symphony orchestra by the time your concert rolls around. Something interesting about a band is how all the instruments in a section have to work together to create good harmony, and also how the sections have to work together to have all the parts and balanced sound. Being a trumpet playe

the official introductions

so i want to introduce you to some people because they'll be updating the green spot once in a while. julia... is 5' 4" and plays the trumpet. she owns a horse named daisy (and can't wait for daisy's baby horse to be born around march 27th). julia likes mountains, speaks spanish, and has never worn the big yellow apron when doing dishes. stevyn... is 6' 6'' and has to duck to avoid hitting the ceiling of some parking garages. he's really good at playing the guitar. stevyn has ridden a bike backwards, and can walk on his hands. he has not, however, ridden a horse backwards. kristy... is 5' 5"ish... and a toothpick! she's also cold all the time, so we call her the Icestickle. she is equal part rock climber and cowgirl. kristy hates mushrooms, and would really like ken to make pizza today. she has one brother and a cat named tigger. sugar... is about 5' 9". he has worked at camp evergreen since 1997. his real name is jason, he lik