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introducing ... ashley

Ashley is amazing. She's a super hard worker, she's full of passion and life and she's just lots of fun to have around. She's our Support Staff Team Leader this summer, and she'll be working really closely with our SURGE campers. 2009 is going to be a banner year for general amazing-ness, fun-ness and productive-ness on the support staff team. I am confident of this. As for Ashley's picture, she spent several months in Australia and New Zealand at the start of 2009. hometown | Coaldale, Alberta favourite band | Red Jumpsuit Apparatus favourite books | The O'Malley Series favourite movie/tv show | Glory Road best camp memory | "Making Calvin and Hobbes snowmen with [Jenni B.] in the wee hours of the morning." favourite thing(s) to do at camp evergreen | "THE KILLER BEAM." favourite skill to teach (and why) | "Challenge Course because it means I get to dangle from high places!" i can't make it throu

introducing ... julia the wall

Our good friend Julia is known as Julia, the Wall and Jericho. (You'll have to ask her why.) Julia arrived at the beginning of June and she's going to be leading music in chapel this summer, and cabin leading. hometown | Hays, Alberta favourite band | Shawn McDonald and Pillar favourite author | Karen Kingsbury favourite movie/tv show | Finding Nemo best camp memory | "When I was a camper, I always remember how crazy all of the cabin leaders were ... they still are pretty crazy." favourite thing(s) to do at camp evergreen | "Music, having some good chats, canoeing and wall climbing." favourite skill to teach (and why) | "Canoeing is so much fun. It's great watching all the kids get a hang of paddling, sometimes, backwards." i can't make it through the day without ... | "My coffee ... yup!" favourite bible verse/chapert/book/writer | The Book of John and John 1 , 2 , and 3 . how many years i've been

introducing ... ben and jesse and jasper

Ben and Jesse led Adventure Classic together last summer and claim that Adventure Classic is a camp that cements friendships for life (okay, those weren't their words, but that was their point). Anyway, I'm going to introduce them together. And, just for the fun of it, I'm adding Jasper into the mix. Jasper and Jesse were in the same program at Prairie Bible College last year. Are you ready?? (Pictures, clockwise from top left: Ben belaying Jasper on the climbing wall, Jasper in the left corner leading Yodel 'n Hum, Jasper with his tongue out, Jesse and Ben looking suspiciously sweet.) hometowns | Ben hails from Edmonton, Jesse's a California kid and Jasper is from Gem (and he is a gem, too). I searched for a video for Audio Adrenaline's classic "Jesus and the California Kid" to no avail. So we'll share "Hands and Feet" with you instead: favourite band s | Ben says, "The Beatles (lame, I know)," Jasper lik

introducing ... janelle

Janelle is our assistant cook this spring and summer and she's doing an amazing job. Janelle's pretty much always got a smile on her face, and she's lots of fun to work with! hometown | Linden, Alberta favourite band | "I like music." favourite book | "I like books." best camp memory | "Having Nellie and Chelsey as cabin leaders in 2007 (I think ... or 2006?)" (It had to have been 2006.) favourite thing(s) to do at camp evergreen | "Cook ... and spoil people with fresh baked cookies or other treats. Or canoeing!" i can't make it through the day without ... | "Food." something i love to do when i'm not working is ... | "... drive." anything else you'd like to share, janelle? | "There is good food at Camp, I know 'cause I make some of it."

introducing ... nicole and alex

Nicole and Alex are being introduced together because they're running our AIM programs this summer. I'm pretty excited about it. They're both full of ideas and passion and general fun-ness. Nicole and Alex are going to be an excellent AIM team. Also, Nicole's first summer as a camper at Evergreen was my (Kerry's) first summer as a cabin leader and she was in my first cabin ever. I've posted pictures of that summer in the lodge and the Welcome Centre. You'll have to look for them when you're here. Or maybe I'll post one here, too. hometown | Calgary for Alex and Airdrie for Nicole (A-town represent!). favourite band | Alex's favourites are Coldplay and Anberlin; Nicole's faves are Coldplay and "about fifty others ... feel free to ask me sometime". favourite book | Nicole appreciates The Wars. Alex is a fan of The Shack. favourite movie or tv show | Nicole says, "As for movies, far too many to count. Once again,