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"...and then he shot it off the powerline with a gun..."

That's the story I (Courtney), came back to on Friday. Have I mentioned that I'm not a very big fan of rain?...or flooding for that matter. My basement floods even when it's not flooding. But truely, Camp Evergreen has faired very well these last 5 days. We learned a lot in the flood of 2005 - watching our 9 hold mini-golf course float away down the creek in sequence and even personally taking a swim in sanitary lagoon run-off to save the canoes...we don't keep much for equipment down on our flood plain. We planned well in advance and had even pulled our canoes up a day before the big flood waters showed up. But I promised a story...right? Grappling hooks, bows and arrows, and a gun. Are you sitting down? I think you should sit down...this is a pretty crazy story. On Friday, June 21st, we lost power because of trees falling on our powerlines just down from the Maintenance Area at camp (next to one of the "beaches" we have on the creek). The power compan

Flooding Update

Just an update on the flooding in our area. Yes - Sundre is evacuating parts of the town that are next to the Red Deer River. The camp is located 15 minutes south of Sundre and sits on the Fallen Timber Creek. Most of the flooding is effecting mountain-fed waterways. Our creek level is high but not causing us concern at this point. We will keep you alerted to any changes! Stay safe and stay high and dry friends!!

What Can Happen In Just Three Weeks?

Let me tell you!  In the last three weeks Camp Evergreen had two workdays, two pancake breakfasts, and a great Father/Son Retreat. On June 1, Camp Evergreen had a workday to prepare the cabin foundations for Mennonite Disaster Service this summer.  In July, MDS will be spending four weeks at Evergreen building six new cabins.  A Big Thanks to the over 20 volunteers who came and helped out.  The weather held and we were able to move a lot of gravel that day. (a lot of gravel!) While we were busy working here at Evergreen, Bob and Marianne Thiessen were busy up north hosting their annual pancake breakfast in Edmonton.  $6,000 towards campership aid was raised.  This will ensure many of our campers who otherwise couldn't come to camp are able to join us for the best week of their summer. On Saturday June 8th, we hosted our annual Father/Son Retreat.  It was a great time of worship, inspiring sessions and of course great food including bacon.  Sid Koop our speaker brought hi

50th Birthday Bash

50 years ago Camp Evergreen was started by the Alberta Conference of MB Churches.  We've come a long way from the first structure built without insulation.  We want to celebrate God's faithfulness by have a Birthday Bash here at camp, June 28 - 30.  Go to our web site to register!   See you in a couple of weeks!