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saying goodbye to Duke.

Over the holiday season one of our camp horses passed away. Duke, one of our Clydesdale horses, died on Christmas Eve due to an unexpected and sudden illness. Duke was always a hard worker and a good friend to everyone and especially to his teammate Diamond. When the team pulled the wagon or sled Duke consistently showed his desire for hard work by pulling those aboard without complaint (and often with greater effort than Diamond, whose primary contribution was usually more aesthetic!). Fond memories of Duke consist of countless wagon rides in the summer, using the team to pull the sled in the winter to feed the other horses, when he was saddle broke, as well as the Sundre parade where Jon (our Head Wrangler) rode him carrying the camp flag. Duke was an extraordinary Clydesdale being both versatile with work and gentle by nature. He will no doubt be dearly missed and not easily forgotten. From all of those lucky enough to work with and have the opportunity to be pulled by