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...And time MARCHes on...

Hey Everyone, Stevyn here! Once again, things around camp are changing. One of the things we are most excited for is our new challenge course. It's in the process of being built as I am writing, and will be ready by the summer for all of you to use!! As the title indicates, spring is indeed upon us which means many things - warmer weather, busier schedules, and the sighting of animals like deer, squirrels and birds. Another exciting part of spring at camp evergreen is the birth of foals. Although we don't have any yet, we are looking forward to the arrival of three babies in the near future! Sunny, one of the mares expecting a foal. Daisey, Julia's mare, is also going to have a foal soon. Ruby, our third mare expected to foal out soon. We're also getting excited as we look forward to, and have begun to plan for the summer. Things are already starting to buzz around here with excitement and anticipation of the week you will be here!! Spring staff will

116 days til camp!

the count-down has begun. alyssa and i were talking this week and revived the count-down tradition. so here it is! excited yet? theme for summer 2008: colossians 1:17 He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.