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The last of our winter staff.... in spring.

Name: Taylor Jenkins Age: 23 Home town: Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. Hobbies:  Any sports, Crocheting, & Being w friends. Favourite Bible Verse: Colossians 3 Why are you at camp? Because I believe in it and feel like I was called here. What did you do before Camp? I was a student at Vancouver Island University.  I played soccer, coached basketball and worked at a old folks home. What do you do at Camp? I'm program staff so that means I do everything!  There isn’t much we don't do. We run activities, clean, serve meals and in the winter we plan things like CCI! What did you want to be when you were 5? A teacher If you were a plant what plant would you be? Palm Tree. If people were to describe you in a nutshell, what would they say? Blunt... in a loving way? I care about people too. What would your ultimate care package look like? Or maybe just your favourite chocolate bar? the beach, milk chocolate, skittles, my family or even just a letter.