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Find your "angry man voice"!

For many of you who have come to camp with guest groups or as a camper in summer, you've no doubt come on a trail ride. As you've probably experienced you walk down to the barn on a bright sunny day (or maybe rainy, or snowy depending on when you come), sit through a very informative pre-ride, grab a helmet (gotta protect those noggins, am I right?), wait eagerly as horses get assigned, finally get to mount your horse, and then you're off! What you may not know is all of the behind the scenes action that goes on before you even get to the barn and after you leave. We would love to invite you to walk through a day in the life of a wrangler! The day usually starts with the ever unpleasant ringing of your alarm in the wee hours of the morning (sometimes as early as 6am...geh), rolling out of bed and then out the door to walk down to the barn – this often requires walking through

Come Laugh With Us

  We love fun at camp. We love to laugh and be silly. So it makes sense that our fundraisers should be some of the most fun, most entertaining events you could possibly attend. And the good news is - our fundraisers aren't all about Pond Hockey...even though we're quite fond of our Pond Hockeyers (that's definitely not a word). With all that said (brevity was never a strength) - we'd like to let everyone know about our Spring Fundraiser: A Dinner and a Laugh! This fundraiser will take place on May 7th, 2016 at 5:00pm The evening will start with a wonderful meal put together by our very own Chef Ken, who seems to outdo himself every time he puts on a meal, and will be followed by Leland Klassen. Leland Klassen is Canada's premier clean comedian! We'll be laughing our way into the evening. That's not all - there will be a fantastic silent auction and dessert to follow. Funds raised will go directly into supporting the programs that guests and campers enj

The Skinny on Reaching Higher

As many of you may know - we embarked on an exciting journey last June to build a new lodge to fit our growing needs. Get it? Growing needs? It's funny because we're If it helps - last year we filled our summer camps by mid-May, which was pretty fantastic. We were extremely delighted by that. If you need a refresher on Reaching Higher, take a look here: Reaching Higher from Camp Evergreen on Vimeo . This year? Family Camp filled within 3 days of opening registration and we're 250 registrations AHEAD of where we were last year on February 10th. Can we just take a moment to reread that sentence? I can barely believe it. We're trying to be creative about how to fit more campers and do our camps better. Then there's rentals - we can't book any groups until November! These are very exciting facts which make it important to keep talking about Reaching Higher and what it will mean for Evergreen. As we made our way around to our member churches

This is Sam. Be like Sam.

Text says: "This is Sam riding Soren" It has been a whopper of a day. Yesterday we sent out an email to our members and 2015 campers and we got 40 registrations before the day was out! That's incredible! As I write this we're at 402 registrations which is just under half of our total capacity for summer campers. It's very, very exciting to see the registrations roll in. I get asked sometimes by folks if the economy ever impacts our summer registrations or if we ever get worried when we see the economy slow down. It's hard not to think about it - there's a lot of families out there that are hurting and affected by Alberta's economy. It easier to say than live out - but we trust in and serve a God that is bigger than our economy. When we get into years when finances threaten what we do - we have to practice looking up to God and saying, "We don't know how, but we believe that You will see this through". That wasn't meant to rhym