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Blazing that Trail!

Trailblazers 2 pictures Date: July 29 - Aug 3 Campers: 68 Wrangler Training Program: Up, Up, and Away Roughin' it boys: Up, Up, and Away Awesomness: 11 out of 10 Scott and Andrew from PRBI volunteering as staff for the week Cabin 6 Auto-belays are up and running Drew helping a camper get clipped in at the Wall A couple of campers waiting for their turn at the Wall Riding horses! Zipline silhouette Taylor and a camper helping belay at the Challenge Course Down the Zipline! Treeeeeeeeees!

Explore your world!

The Explorers this past week were a ton of fun! We had over 78 campers on-site and 10 campers off-site. Our Arise (Cabin Leader in Training) program wrapped up this week. The three week long Arise program consisted of 9 campers being brought up in the life and times of Camp Evergreen. They learned how to effectively lead cabin discussions, belong to a community of fellow believers, and most of all serve Christ in everything they do. We loved our Arise campers and hope that they will come back next summer and become staff! Here are some of the quotes from this week's fireside chapel: "I learned we should love one another." "No matter what, God still loves you." "I learned that if you stick to it, you can achieve anything." "I learned how to accept God's love." "I learned that even if you're strong in your faith you need to be in community as a Christian. I've learned that I am to reserved and I need to open up to oth