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Surviving Life After Camp

Here we are. Summer 2016 has sung its last tune. For us at Camp Evergreen - this summer has been full of some amazing memories, growing points, challenges, and so many victories. This past Friday marked the last day of Base Camps, which are any camps that happen up in our cabin area, lodge, etc... After we say goodbye to our campers we set to a GIANT clean of the site. The evening concludes with our staff doing their own Testimony Sticks at the creek. Our campers aren't the only ones experiencing life change here at camp. Many of our staff experience it too but one thing is often talked about during the last do we go on from here? Camp is this crazy place where the world seems to fade away for the week (or sometimes multiple weeks) - all there is in front of you is camp. Games, challenging speakers, lasting friendships that form overnight, and "ah-ha" moments where God takes something as simple as the Leap of Faith and uses it to speak to you about

Impact 2016 is in the Books

That's it folks. Base Camps for Summer 2016 are finished. Today, Impact 2016, our Sr. High camp, wrapped up our summer save for one more out-trip (Charge 3 next week) and our Labour Day Family Camp. As I type this, every staff member is cleaning up summer - pick up the thousands of pieces of individual Starburst wrappers crammed into the dirt around the Willson Pit, hand mopping underneath bunks, and organizing the Program Sheds for winter storage. I could go on and on about all the things that we end up finding after 8 weeks of summer fun but you may just think I'm making it up (like a full "man" stuffed with sleeping bags up in the linen closet). You will just have to trust me that the Big Clean that happens on the last Friday after the last camp is an epic one. Impact is our fullest week for programming and we really don't hold anything back. From midnight socials at the Archery Range (wings, ice cream floats, and more) to our famous Homemade Jam on Frida

Week 6 of Summer 2016

There you have it. We've closed out our sixth week at Evergreen and it was awesome. The weather was (mostly) cooperative and no matter what the sky handed us - we had a heap of fun. Before I get into Ignite 2 - I wanted to take a moment to talk about our Interns. We have two different "phases" to training up young leaders before they start working as staff. The first phase is Pit Crew. A two week, fully immersive program for kids in Grade 9-10. They learn the "behind-the-scenes" and what it means to have a Servant Heart for God. The second phase is a 6 week Internship. Thirteen young leaders joined us from our first week until the end of last week - each choosing an area of focus (cabin leading, barn, kitchen, A-Team, or A/V) to practice living out their passions and love for camp. It was amazing watching these young leaders grow in confidence and courage through the six weeks and we're very excited to see them back here next summer as full time staff

Little but Mighty and a Little Late

Heellllloooo! Sorry about this blog being a smidge tardy. It's been a busy couple of weeks for us and so a small breather was in order. We went from Explorers right into Family Camp with a day off, into Sparks and then right into Ignite 2. Wowzers - everybody take a breath with me. - Still breathing - Are we good? All right! Let's get into it. SPARKS! These are our youngest campers aging from going to grade 1 to 4. They have a TONNE of energy and our staff love chasing them around to all of the activities. Pony Rides, Climbing Walls, Archery, Canoeing, name it - these Sparkies conquered it. Our speaker, Catherine, from Chestermere told the Big God Story on Sunday night and then on another night - talked about how we can be PART OF THE BIG GOD STORY. What an amazing truth. On the last evening - she brought one of our favourite puppets, Rocky the Raccoon. Rocky taught us that God does not make junk. Catherine has used Rocky in previous years here an