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Foundations. Everything I've been doing lately has me thinking about foundations. Foundations, anchors, bases, footing, bedrock. A bunch of us staff went climbing at Wasooch creek two weeks ago on a day off and were instructed on the importance of finding a good place to build an anchor. If you're going to put all of your weight on a bolt, you want to make sure it's bolted into solid rock that will hold it. Last week we started setting up our second rink for pond hockey (coming January 8, 2016!), which involved spreading a lot of gravel to make a good base for the ice surface. If you read our plan for Reaching Higher, our fundraising campaign for upgrading our lodge, kitchen, and activity spaces, you'll see references to work that will “lay a foundation for growth and sustainability”. Even thinking back to this summer, I find that much of the work we do here can be analogized by the building of a foundation. Every time we share the gospel of Jesus Chri

Making a Way

This is the best day of my life - I love camp, I JUST LOVE CAMP!!  Those are familiar words at camp - kids living in the moment at camp. Each day is filled with new adventures - from rescuing princesses in towers (staff on top of the climbing wall) to stopping the cookie thieves on horseback or rounding up dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Camp creates a world like no other - opening doors of imagination and wonder. If that wasn't enough - the food is amazing (not as amazing as your mum's, of course) and the staff are like superheroes. For some campers, a week at camp represents more than the games and activities - one camper describes camp as their "home away from home. It's impossible to come to camp and not make friends". It also offers a place to learn about the Creator of the world in a safe place. To learn who Jesus is and how much each of us are loved by Him.  An application from one of our Interns this year said that every person should get to ex

Reaching Higher

In the past few months, you may have heard about a new campaign at camp called Reaching Higher.  Maybe you've seen it in an email, or heard me talk about it at Closing Program throughout the summer.  Perhaps you stopped by to look at the plans (and eat the cookies) at the Welcome Centre during Registration or Closing in July and August.  We're very excited about how the camp is moving forward and we want to share it with everyone because you're all part of it. As you know, Evergreen is focused on changing the lives of everyone who visits.  Through our loving staff, amazing facilities, and the beautiful wilderness around us, we share God's love, sacrifice, and the excitement of a journey with Christ.  During the summer we're able to reach hundreds of children and youth with the Good News of the Gospel.  In the winter, we are able to reach even more, by hosting school groups and retreats, with people of all ages and walks of life.  Check this out: Reaching

Rise Up!

We love retreat weekends! Camp has four different annual retreats and Rise Up is the first to happen after summer ends. It ends up being a bit of a reunion and a good reminder to keep pressing down the path towards a closer relationship with God. Friday started with a lot of rain and a bit of snow which didn't slow any of our retreaters down. Joined by youth groups from Gem, Linden, and Dalhousie - we rocked out the Willsonball and giant Dutch Blitz late into the night. On Saturday night, we rolled out one of my all time favourites, Collector's Choice. Tom Mulhern brought a band out from Dalhousie Church (plus a little help from Fender, Sunshine, and Yoshi) which kept us rocking all weekend long. Jonathan Klein from First Alliance Church in Calgary. One of the things that really stuck with me was the phrase that Jonathan used: "Feed our faith and doubt our doubts". He shared how God has a purpose for us and not only that - He's rooting for us. We have a re