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A Decade of Joy

Hey Folks! Sorry if it's taken a few extra days to get the Green Spot up this week. We like to post about things that are happening at camp or to share from our heart about what God has been teaching us. This week was a little different for me because I had to actually write about me! Last Friday - our Board of Directors and current Camp Staff surprised me with an undercover surprise party to celebrate my 10 years as a Director here at camp. I say 'undercover' because it was described as a Board/Staff social. But when the cake came out - it was obviously about me. What a blessing! People shared some very touching things about me and when I was asked to share - I found I was at a loss for words. Not because I didn't have anything to say but how do you fit a decade...TEN years of joy into a few sentences? My time here started more than 10 years ago. I worked for 5 spring and summer seasons before I started full time. Summer 2015 actually marked my 15th summer here a

Team Evergreen

This fall the Evergreen Barn has been as busy as ever! Not only are we loving and caring for our main herd consisting of 36 saddle horses, but we are also training our Clydesdale team to pull a wagon for hay rides! On an average day in our slower season (starting in November), we as a barn crew are working together to exercise the trail ponies, complete any medical care needed, and work on any barn maintanc(y) things that need getting done. This fall, however, is special because on top of all that other necessary work we love, the barn is allotting a fair amount of time to training our team of Clydesdale. Don't worry though, we still make sure we have time for the saddle horses so that they get adequate exercise and more than enough love. Let us introduce you to our big girls. On the left side of the wagon we drive Irish, and on the right there is April. These two are a mother daughter team that we have been blessed with by donation. Left side is Irish - Right s

There's a Willsonball Pit in Brazil!

How far is Evergreen's reach? Well - there is now a Willsonball Pit in Fortaleza, Brazil. How - you might ask? If you keep reading - you'll find out. I like to share stories about our staff here. Not just our adventures of staff who work with us through the year but of staff who leave camp at the end of summer and have different kind of adventures. We have so many staff that return to university and college to pursue what God has set on their hearts. Some of our staff leave here and head to Bible schools all across Canada and the world. We have staff at Capernwrays or YWAMs in Belize, Austria, France and New Zealand right now. It's amazing to think of where in the world our Evergreeners are right now. With all that in mind, I'd like to take this moment to share the story of one of our past staff and where in the world she has found herself. Felicity, or better known as Hulkuin,  has been a camper, staff, and volunteer at Evergreen for many, many years. Felicity has

Change is in the air!

Don't worry! This hasn't happened...yet. Isn't that the truth! As we see pictures of Lake Louise or Banff getting inches of the white stuff - most of us east of the Foothills are just waiting with bated (or cringing) breath for the onslaught of winter. Whether that excites you or causes that ball of dreaded disappointment deep inside (can you tell which one I am?), it doesn't change the fact that winter is coming and regardless of how each of us feels - it means a lot of change. Changing tires on our cars. Changing wardrobes (winter jackets and pants out - tanks and shorts away). Changing shoes (I get to pull out my snowshoes). Changing decorations. Changing those cute little mini-hidey socks in Toms and Sanuks to thick wool ones. Changing furnace filters (our Maintenance guys are always on top of this one). Changing basketball pads (to HOCKEY RINKS!). Changing porch brooms to shovels. Changing clocks back. This is quite "normal" for this Fal