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you are my sunshine

greetings. gosh i love the sun. camp is going great and we're buzzing with school groups, volunteers, and staff. we're starting to gear up for camp. outtrips coordinators are planning menus and chapels for trails away and adventure, AIM coordinators are planning CIT and PUSH. jenni, vicky, and i are planning hard for summer and trying to keep up with our work as all of our activities steam ahead. and for my anonymous commentor....walk and talk is the nickname our staff had given mission impossible. and as far as i know...we're still planning on playing mission impossible. AIM...CIT AIM stands for Adventures in Ministry. CIT stands for Counsellors in Training. unfortunately this camp is for our older campers...specifically those going into grade 11 or 12. this 3 week program trains you in leadership, devotional leading, and how to become that camp evergreen counsellor you loved as a kid. you will engage in sessions during the day with your group, have evaluations severa

i'm that good!

ha! two in one week. i'm doing good...but probably not making up much ground considering that i missed a whole chunk of time in there. well, i am officially working out of my new office. the new building is called the "Welcome Centre". it's our new office building located right at the parking lot. it's got a covered boardwalk so that when you're registering for camps you don't have to stand in the rain and Esther doesn't have to leave her office. i've got a pretty big office now but it's simply because there's so much traffic through it every day. i'm loving it. there will be a grand opening in the summer some time so i'll let you know when that date has been decided on. for right now why don't we feature another camp... TRAILS AWAY... holy cow...i mean cowboy...this is a crazy awesome camp. i had the privelege to lead it a bunch of years in a row from 1999-2002. basically we truck you and a bunch of horses out west of camp e

moved in and distracted

hey mein little evergreeners. we're in the process of moving and having tons of people onsite. i'm really not trying to ignore you. this weekend i will give you a very cool update with pictures of the new building with us in it and pictures of the awesome chandelier that rolf built us. until then...i've got to go lead a trail ride. c-bear

my sincerest apologies

my goodness! i sure have been everywhere but here in the last couple of weeks. i am so sorry for not updating this but hopefully you will understand in a couple of minutes. we got our spring staff last sunday and they're fantastic. we've got brittney (from saskatchewan), jannalee (from manitoba), dusten (calgary), brendan (calgary), omiunu (nigeria), steph (nevada), vicky (coaldale), sugar (, luke (lethbridge), sam (turner valley), julia (red deer), bethanna (irricana)...and eric is still coming (calgary). they're awesome and i hopefully will get some pictures up so that you can put some names to faces. it's been a busy week of training and rain....lots and lots of rain that even turned to snow sometimes. and we all know how I feel about snow. and...drumroll please. ken and rachel had their baby last saturday. they had a beautiful baby boy and named him Daniel Jacob. Awesome! we're so excited for them. that's my update about camp right now. we