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the slurpee song

something tall and cool to satisfy our bellies it's not to much to ask for us two handsome fellies they make our hearts dance to jump and sing for joy they make me oh so happy just like a small schoolboy (SMALL SCHOOLBOY) the straws they are so neat i need to get one soon not only can you suck through them but you can use them as a spoon my paco he is a chubby man he likes to eat the cheese and when he drinks the slurpees fast his brain it gets the freezes (SLURP! SLURP! SLURP!) red, brown green, and yellow when i drink the slurpees i'm a happy fellow small to big they're all so good let's go get some i think we should (THINK WE SHOULD) i like the little icicles sliding down my throat if only i could have one now i would share it with a goat my friend he is a simple man when he drinks he gets the burpees it is so hot in this place i wish we had a slurpees (NEED SOME SLURPEES) this song was song almost every day of almost every week in 2001. it was broug