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Summer is Coming!

Can you even believe that tomorrow is December 1st? That means we're only about one month until Summer Camp Registration starts. One month until registrations start pouring in. While most folks this time of year are dreaming and of sugar-plums from the Night Before Christmas, here at camp we start dreaming of something else. Summer themes, camp brochures, camper Christmas letters, and Registration are what is on our minds. Last year - our camps were completely full. It was so exciting to see camps fill in only three days. As a result, we've added camps to give more kids an unforgettable summer at Camp Evergreen. Our newest addition - Jr. Explorers is a camp for kids going into grades 2-4 and must like Sparks, is a three night, four day camp. It's a great way for kids who are not quite ready for a full week to explore and experience all the activities at camp. We've also added another Pit Crew and Charge camp to the schedule to help keep up with the demand.

Pond Hockey!

It has been a very dry (but lovely) start to our normal winter month of November. With temperatures in the twenties some days - it's hard to believe, especially after last winter, that Canada really is the "Winter Wonderland". As you can see - the ground is a little more brown than we are accustomed to on November 23rd. I can barely remember a time before Pond Hockey when I was waiting with baited breath for the temperatures to fall below freezing consistently. Now I can't wait for it. Oh - and it's week we have minus DOUBLE digits at night. Enough with the weather - Let's get pumped for Pond Hockey! This is our eighth annual tournament and we're expecting great things. Team slots are starting to fill up - we've got a few left so if you're sitting on the fence - time to make that decision and then start fundraising! The day is not just for the hockey players. Spectators and kids are welcome and guess what

Thank you to our Fall Staff

Would you believe that ALL of these jerseys belong to only two of our staff members? This weekend marks the end of our Fall Season and really, the end of what we consider our "high season" here at camp. On Monday, our staff team shrinks to about twelve seasonal staff. Some of these staff have been with us since the beginning of May and as you can see from some of the pictures - we become quite the family. Whether it's playing Spikeball, late night campfires at the creek, Survivor Parties, or board games nearly every night of the week - there really isn't anything like Fall Staff. These young people are up by 8am getting the Dining Hall ready to serve guests, do dishes, and ready our activity areas for the next eight hours. There are more dishes to do, custodial work, and maintenance to take care of. Once supper is done, often it's leading campfire songs and Jug 'n' Jog and going above and beyond for our groups. One of the biggest reasons why our Gu