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A Perfect Day

One of our favourite days of the year happened on May 25th. It was our annual Senior's Day here at Camp Evergreen. We love it - we love when we are able to welcome these folks on site and show them around.  They are always such an encouragement to our staff. We even had some Senior's on Friday who were brand new to Camp Evergreen! Brand new first time "campers"! Now - if you think you're too old for'd better start reconsidering! We had a fantastic time touring the camp - seeing the site for the new building, hiking out to the barns to see Blue, our newest addition to our horse herd, and of course, to our Archery Range where nearly every Senior had a chance at shooting an arrow at some balloons filled with candy. What a wonderful adventure Friday was! Check out some of the awesome pictures from the day: Blue was quite curious about all of the visitors!  Our Seniors were treated to a wagon ride by our horse team, April and Irish!

Flipping for Campers - Hotcakes for Campers

Board Member, Keith Thiessen manning the grill. Saturday was an awesome day! Do you know why? Because we made a way for a bunch of campers to come to camp just by eating pancakes! How great is that?!? Tim was cooking sausages at 6am! Jogee joined folks from Linden MB as we served up an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. breakfast at the Linden Skating Rink. Cooking began around 6:30am (I may have snuck a couple of pancakes is hard work!) and we started welcoming folks at 8am. 130 people came to eat pancakes, sausages, and farm fresh eggs (thanks Ratzlaffs!) with us. These folks generously donated $3,307.60 towards our Campership Aid program which provides financial aid to families who otherwise cannot afford camp for their children. You can read more about our Campership Aid Program here. It is so humbling to see our communities and partner churches band together to support families from across the province so that all kids can have a life transforming experience at camp.

Thank You!

  What an amazing couple of weeks it's been here at camp. Last week we welcomed our Spring Staff onto site for training. It's always a crazy week full of a tons of information, games, and learning how to teach Outdoor Education in a short amount of time. Next week we will devote the whole blog about what it takes to be a staff here when it's not summer. we just want to say thank you. THANK YOU! Our Dinner and a Laugh Fundraiser was a huge success but more than that - it was just a wonderful evening. Start to finish, we just really loved connecting with and visiting with supporters of Evergreen - people who personally experienced the life-changing power of camp themselves or through a loved on and are invested in the future of Camp Evergreen. It's such an encouragement to US to hear the stories of change and support from our constituents. It all began with an explanation of our Reaching Higher project. If you don't know what Reaching Higher is - c

An Open Letter to the Friends of Evergreen

Hello, I am writing this letter to the current generation, both young and old, those who have been positively impacted in some way by the ministry of Camp Evergreen. My name is Andrew Baerg and I am currently chair of the board at Camp Evergreen. Camp Evergreen was founded in 1963 by a generation who saw a need - to raise up disciples of Jesus among our youth across Alberta. It was expanded in the 1980s by a generation who wanted to see the camp reach even more Alberta children with the Gospel of Christ. It is now our turn, this current generation, to ensure Camp Evergreen thrives at making disciples of Jesus among our youth, now and for the next generation, and to expand the ministry once again. I am inviting anyone who wants to learn more about the vision, or has a desire to see our generation step up and own this responsibility, to attend a meet-up in Calgary next Wednesday, May 18, at 8pm. Location TBA. Please RSVP to so tha

Laugh your way into Spring

This is it people - we're days away from our Dinner and a Laugh Fundraiser at Dalhousie Church. Everything goes down on May 7th at 5pm. If you don't have your tickets - you need to call the Camp Evergreen office TODAY. We're excited to share with folks where Camp Evergreen is today. We're growing and adding camps and literally bursting at the seams. May 7th is about celebrating that, hearing about what God is doing in the lives of our staff and campers, and also talking about where God is leading us as an organization ( Reaching Higher ). It's also about eating some amazing food by our Red Seal Chef, Ken and laughing. Because really - Camp Evergreen is all about the good food and fun times. If you can't make it - pray with us. Pray that God provides the money that we need to keep going. Without God - none of this is possible.. Call the office (403-638-4230) today to reserve your seat at Dalhousie Church for Saturday, May 7th.