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impact, august 17-22

Well, I can't really say anything other than that I'm inexcusably behind in posting something for Impact. Impact (grades 9-12) was ridiculously fantastic. Our speaker, Mike Perschon, was challenging and great. It was just really, really, really fun. Bible Smugglers, chosen skill, Homemade Jam, Blue Cows, the Book of Esther, the story of Mary the girls' morning at the creek, dinner on the airplane, dinner in a pirates' ship, You are My child and I love you! (Psalm 91), the version of "Christ in My Vessel" with missiles and stuff, Mike's stories, moose, fireside, and on and on and on ... Cabin 14 boys (Chad and Alex) ... I don't really know: Cabin 3 girls (Denine and Emily) with their intense cabin decorations: Homemade Jam, aboard the HMJ Revenge There are mountaintops and there are valleys in our lives, in our faith, and when we hit the valleys, don't stop moving. God is still on your side. He is still with you. Don't giv