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purple paint

kristy and julia and i spent yesterday helping out at a Habitat for Humanity house - painting closets, ceilings, the furnace room, and each other. the furnace room was the most brilliant pastel purple i have ever seen! thought you might like some of our pictures. we've been doing a lot of classroom stuff with the Pillar team, so it was really good to go and get our hands dirty because "faith by itself, if it is not accompanies by action, is dead" (james 2:17). we can't really say that we love Jesus if we're not out there loving people. so today - act out your love for Jesus by loving somebody around you. maybe that means doing the dishes for your mom and dad. or encouraging a friend who's down. or giving some of your money to an organization like the Mustard Seed that's trying to help people who are cold and hungry in your area. or volunteering to help out in a sunday school class. but somehow, someway - get involved somewhere. and i think you'll have


toque season is upon us! things i love about winter... hot chocolate frolicking in the snow with koda snow angels and snowball fights going with my family to find the perfect Christmas tree warming up my feet in front of the fire after finding the not-quite-perfect Christmas tree snowpants curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a good book wearing a tea cozy as a toque i have a hard time staying positive about winter... icy roads, cold feet, dark evenings. i just look forward to summer (and seeing you all!) so much. but hey... since winter is here to stay for at least a few months, why don't you fill me in on some of your winter favorites. looking forward to warmer days when i see you all again! j-bee psalm 51:7