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Trail Blazers 1: July 7-12, '08

Good times at Camp Evergreen. This week we had over a hundred campers invade the premises to start off our summer. The Trail Blazers (Grades 5-6) had a great time competing in the Evergreen Olympics, devouring Ken's delicious meals, and learning all kinds of new things about God. This year we tried something different to kick off every new week of camp. Since the Olympics are going on right now, we decided to pit the kids against each other in contest spanning the whole camp. They all had a blast climbing up the wall with the Olympic torches, giving pony rides, and playing hopscotch in the meeting rooms. Every fought the good fight and everyone, including the counselors, enjoyed this new experience. The speaker this week, Kelly, told us all about the many names of God. We all learned that God's name can all tell us something new about him, for example, Jehovah Shalom means God is Peace. The kids also learned the meanings of their names and I'm sure the