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dinner in calgary!

We held a super fun dinner in Calgary on October 15, raising funds for Camp Evergreen. It was a great night. Our host, Don Cherry (also known as Gery Schubert, the man of a thousand voices, a hundred faces and at least 12 wigs ... ), took us on a great hockey adventure. We feasted on a sumptuous meal, prepared by Ken and Lacey, of pork, roasted potatoes, green beans, homemade cherry chutney and blondies. We raised $15, 901! ... which is fantastic, and it marks growth from last year's event ! A gigantic thank you to everyone who joined us for dinner, participated by sending people to the penalty box, and everyone who donated. We are so grateful to you! Our silent auction donors: Andrew & Lisa Baerg * Carla Brown ( Signature Homestyles ) Gery Schubert * Ken & Esther Epp * Natasha Lawyer Olds Golf Course * Rayna & Maddison Richard Baerg (Richard's Signature Picture Framing) Ron Evans * Rosebud Theatre Sharon Evans * Slaves for a Day

impact 2011

It's been two months since Impact (that's our grade 9-12 camp, which caps off the summer season each year), so really, it's about time for a blog post, isn't it? Well, I thought Impact was pretty great. We had real reindeer on site for Homemade Jam! Does it get better than real reindeer? I think not. Our speaker was Edmonton's Mike Perschon. We spent the whole week focused on the story of Christmas, considering both the birth of Christ and value of traditions, and delving into the Christmas story as its told in the books of Matthew and Luke. Do I have any Impact campers out there who can tell us something they learned during the week, in the comments section? Homemade Jam was snappy and funny. Bacon (pictured below) was the funniest, in my humble opinion. (It was Christmas themed this year, Homemade Jam.) We played late night Collector's Choice (Graham D.'s team won, of course) and had a coffee house and good weather and fun times. There was also some q