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pond hockey day!

For now, I'm just going to post a couple of pictures of our SUPER FUN, completely freezing cold Second Annual Pond Hockey Tournament. Saturday was a cold day but our eight teams stuck it out and had a lot of frozen fun. I think it was around -24 for the better part of the day. During the games first thing in the morning, we had players with ridiculously long, white, frost-coated eyelashes. Team Enns won the day for the second year running; they didn't lose a game all day. We raised about $13,000 (final figures to be determined shortly), which is an increase from last year. Team Linden raised over $3000! Way to go, guys! I've also started a photo album on our Facebook page. Check it out here . (You should be able to view the album whether or not you have a facebook profile.) The photos posted here are credit to Trenton. We also have photos from resident photographer Julia on their way ...

Second Annual Pond Hockey Tournament

It's almost here! January 15 and Camp Evergreen's Second Annual Three-on-Three Pond Hockey Tournament are just around the corner. Last year, we had tonnes of fun and we raised $11,507 for Camp Evergreen's summer camp programs and retreats ... we're looking forward to another fantastic day this year! We have nine teams registered to play (three more than last year!). Dave and Emily are getting the rinks all ready. We'll be playing on the main ice rink, and a second rink we've set up in RV sites, next to the main rink. The pictures are of the two rinks, and they were taken on January 6. If you're going to be here for the tournament, there's a couple things you need to remember! Registration starts at 9AM and the puck will drop for the first game at 9:30AM! The forecast for January 15 is a high of -10C and a low of -24C ... let's pray for the warmer end of that spectrum while you're all playing! We now have an indoor skate shack attached t

January 2011 Update

January 2011 Update Prayer Requests ❄ Registrations for summer camp are coming in! Pray with us that God will be preparing the hearts and minds of each future campers. Pray that He'd provide the finances families need to send their kids to camp (including through our Campership Aid program) and that we are inspired by the Holy Spirit as we plan for summer 2011. ❄ We had 646 campers in 2008 and 2009, 664 campers in 2010, and we're praying that we'll see about 690 campers in 2011. ❄ We have two junior high retreats coming up, one in January and one in February – please pray for safety at each event, lots of fun and great bonding times for the participating youth groups. ❄ We will be on the road in January and February, recruiting staff at Bible College camps days across Alberta and Saskatchewan, and recruiting guest groups and campers at Teachers' Conventions and conferences like Breakforth. Please pray for safety on the road as we travel and that we're able to m

a tale of two staffers.

LIKE I PROMISED, it's time for some who-works-at-Evergreen fun! We'll start with something super camp related. You've met Emily before . And once before that, too . (Those sentences are links to previous Emily posts, just in case you weren't sure.) Emily has been kicking around at Evergreen for a while now - this is her second winter. She's been here, if I counted correctly, for one year and nine months. Wowza. As I type this, Emily is at the skating rink, flooding. She's working with our Site Manager, Dave, this winter and so one of her biggest orders of business right now is preparing for the Pond Hockey Tournament on January 15 . Asked what her favourite skills to lead are, Emily says the "zipline, wall and ITCs [initiative tasks course]. I like these three the most because I love seeing people challenge themselves as individuals and also in a group setting. Watching the 'light' go on for people even when it takes time is cool."

Furnaces & Water Heater: An Update

Hello, friends. We're back from the holidays and getting back into the blogging habit! We hope you had lovely Christmases and New Year's celebrations, with family and friends! Way back in October, I posted about how we need to replace the water heater and the furnace in our lodge . You can read that post here . I just wanted to update you on how that's going. We've received $6300 in donations toward the project -- we are so grateful to each of the donors who have responded to this need! The funding means we can proceed with replacing the water heater, so that's where we're starting. We're still looking for about $14,000 (or, exactly $13,844.25), so that we can also replace the furnaces. If you're able to help us with this important replacement project, you can donate via cheque (Box 492 / Sundre, AB / T0M 1X0) or credit card (call our office at 403.638.4230) . Please designate any donations as "capital". Any funds raised beyond wh