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cabins & community spirit.

As I noted in my last Cabin Fever! post, our new cabins are costing about $50,000 each. That means the Cabin Fever! project, when all is said and done, will come in at about $600,000: a lot of money. We've been so blessed by businesses who have worked with us to give us the best possible prices (e.g., Wild's Home Hardware in Sundre). We have a great contractor (Dale Erickson Carpentry). We have great donors ... like you, perhaps! We also want to acknowledge the generous support of the Government of Alberta, through its Community Spirit Program . We were thrilled to receive a $25,000 Community Spirit Program Donation Grant in 2011. From the CSP website: The donation grant provides an opportunity for eligible non-profit and/or charitable organizations to receive a provincial grant. The grant is based on total annual cash donations from individual Albertans that have been received by an eligible organization over a 12-month fiscal period. The grant can be used to support an

cabins, cabins, cabins: insulation and interior walls

The cabins are progressing nicely, guys! As you may recall, we're working on two of the new cabins right now. We're still on track to have them finished by Christmas time. Wouldn't that be amazing? Today, I'm going to show you pictures (by Colter) of the insides of cabin 1. The insulation went in a bit ago, then Dave, Ken and Emily painted the ceilings. Now Robert and Colter are finishing up on the tongue-in-groove inside walls. It looks amazing! (And amazing is our word of the day.) With all that insulation and thick, sealed, insulated floors without cracks or crevices or peepholes to the dirt beneath the cabin ... man, these are going to be cozy cabins! INSULATE! The walls are in, around the sleeping area. That doorway on the left of the picture is a sliding door that locks in an open or closed position (as in, the maintenance crew will have keys, but kids, cabin leaders and guests won't be able to open or close the door), making the cabin more flexible for

dinner in calgary!

We held a super fun dinner in Calgary on October 15, raising funds for Camp Evergreen. It was a great night. Our host, Don Cherry (also known as Gery Schubert, the man of a thousand voices, a hundred faces and at least 12 wigs ... ), took us on a great hockey adventure. We feasted on a sumptuous meal, prepared by Ken and Lacey, of pork, roasted potatoes, green beans, homemade cherry chutney and blondies. We raised $15, 901! ... which is fantastic, and it marks growth from last year's event ! A gigantic thank you to everyone who joined us for dinner, participated by sending people to the penalty box, and everyone who donated. We are so grateful to you! Our silent auction donors: Andrew & Lisa Baerg * Carla Brown ( Signature Homestyles ) Gery Schubert * Ken & Esther Epp * Natasha Lawyer Olds Golf Course * Rayna & Maddison Richard Baerg (Richard's Signature Picture Framing) Ron Evans * Rosebud Theatre Sharon Evans * Slaves for a Day

impact 2011

It's been two months since Impact (that's our grade 9-12 camp, which caps off the summer season each year), so really, it's about time for a blog post, isn't it? Well, I thought Impact was pretty great. We had real reindeer on site for Homemade Jam! Does it get better than real reindeer? I think not. Our speaker was Edmonton's Mike Perschon. We spent the whole week focused on the story of Christmas, considering both the birth of Christ and value of traditions, and delving into the Christmas story as its told in the books of Matthew and Luke. Do I have any Impact campers out there who can tell us something they learned during the week, in the comments section? Homemade Jam was snappy and funny. Bacon (pictured below) was the funniest, in my humble opinion. (It was Christmas themed this year, Homemade Jam.) We played late night Collector's Choice (Graham D.'s team won, of course) and had a coffee house and good weather and fun times. There was also some q

pond hockey 2012 promo!

With the trees turning yellow and the leaves about to fall, it's time to start thinking about ... POND HOCKEY! That's right, team. Our third annual 3-on-3 Pond Hockey Tournament is just around the corner, coming up on Saturday, January 14, 2012. The deadline for teams to register is December 15, 2011 and you can find out more information about the tournament on our website: . We have space for 12 teams this year ... don't miss your chance to participate in this crazy fun, ultra-Canadian, day-long event, in support of Camp Evergreen's ministry! You can contact Kerry at if you have any questions. Here are some of the comments last year's participants left us, and a couple pictures: "My favourite fundraiser of the year. A throwback to old school hockey. Well done!" "[I appreciated the] atmosphere of the outdoors. Fresh air. Friends & fellowship." "[I enjoyed] having old time ho

the cabin project is progressing nicely!

Hi everyone, Just a quick note to let you know where things are at with Cabin Fever!, our never-ending cabin replacement project. Last time we talked , the first new cabin was well underway. The building inspector has visited since then and he was happy with the cabin in progress and the future sites we showed him. Yeah! We paused on the first cabin once it was completely weather sealed. The indoor walls are framed, but we haven't done any drywalling or anything, because first we need to do the electrical rough-ins. So, our building crew moved on and started on the second cabin. The pictures below are all of the second cabin and they were taken by Colter. This week, they'll be working on getting the sheeting and such up on the roof of the second cabin and then, the tin. Our friends Harley and Esther are here from Coaldale right now. Harley is a master electrician and he'll be doing all the electrical rough in work on both of the first two cabins (how nice that we can get

IN PICTURES roughin' it girls

roughin' it girls: the statistics dates: july 17-22 or august 7-12 age group: grades 4-6 or 6-8 number of campers: 11 in the first crew, 7 in the second general awesome rating: heaps o' fun! Here's a link to a Roughin' It profile from a couple years ago. In addition to two weeks of Roughin' It Girls, we ran three weeks of Roughin' It Boys. We had twelve campers in each of the Roughin' It Boys camps, and they were led by Dylan, Scott and Ben. Our leaders for the first Roughin' It Girls camp this year were Kim, Chelsea and Jena. Josie, Steph and Laurie led the second group. I don't have pictures of the Roughin' It Boys groups. BUT! I have a whole bunch of great photos from the second Roughin' It Girls crew. Yeah! Here they are ...

Mmmm, juice.

This summer, we received a very generous donation of Oasis juice boxes, from Lassonde Industries, in Calgary . We are so thankful! The juice boxes accompanied our Adventure Classic, Roughin' It and Trails Away campers on their out trips and they helped us (as a not-for-profit organization) keep our grocery bill down a bit! The Adventure kids demonstrated their gratitude with excessive photos of them enjoying their Oasis beverages.

IN PICTURES more adventure classic!

We run three weeks of Adventure Classic each summer: it's an forgettable week in the Ya Ha Tinda, with rafting, hiking, climbing and all sorts of fun. Jasper wrote about Adventure here and we included just a few pictures with that post. Well, Josie, one of our excellent Adventure leaders, gave me a whole stack of photos (thanks, Josie!) and I'm going to share some of them with you. Sadly, I can't figure out how to rotate the portrait pictures. You'll have to bend your neck. (Sorry.) Hiking to Eagle Lake ( I really like how the camper on the left side of the left-hand photo just above is stepping on Jasper. Tee hee. ) White Water Rafting with Mukwah Rock Climbing Waterfall Day