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Fading Trails

Hey peeps! It's winter out. Have you noticed? (If you haven' might be on vacation...if that's the case...can I hang out with you?) . November seemed like a pretty mild start to our white months up until about two weeks ago when almost all of Alberta went through a period of white-outs and cold, COLD weather. During that time, camp experienced almost 18 inches of snow and -40 degree weather. Yikes! I was out on the roads when the blizzard started and experienced some white-out conditions where I couldn't see the sides of the road or even the road itself. It was very scary when the road would clear ahead of me and I would realize that I was in the on-coming traffic lane. Praise God that I got home safely! A couple days later, I was out snowshoeing and came across snowshoe tracks from Sabastian and Christoph from the day before. Because of the wind and snow, their tracks were blown over and almost gone. There were points when I couldn't even tell where

Winter Staff 2013/14

Hey! We have been busy here at Camp Evergreen, building new cabins, serving our guest groups, training horses and preparing everything for next summer! This winter we have eleven seasonal staff staying on and we want you to meet them! Left to Right: John, Josh, Jesse,Christoph, Sebastian,Felix,Dylan,Juli,Tamara, Alana,Taylor.   Now a little about us!  ... I asked everyone to write a sentence or two about themselves. Here's what they said! Alana: Loves to try crazy things on horseback, she watches romantic movies like they are horror movies, loves to talk during meals and forgets to eat. Christoph: Likes the outdoors and everything connected with it like climbing, hajking(hiking), tracking, horseback riding and many more... Dylan: Master of awesome facial hair, could be a stunt double for Willie Robertson, loves old cars, well used guitars, and flannel. Dylan wishes he had a truck like John's. Dylan didn't choose the redneck life - it chose hi

The Cabins March On

Despite the winter weather that has descended upon us, the cabin fever project continues to move forward.  Mennonite Disaster Service brought us to lock up stage at the end of summer.  At our Camp Evergreen Board meeting in September we decided that finishing the cabins was a top priority for next summer!  We also decided that we needed as many volunteers as possible to make this a reality.  On November 16 we had our first work day and were able to insulate the walls.  Our seasonal staff have carried on the work during the week.  The walls and ceilings have poly.  The ceiling and bunks have been started. Join us Saturday, December 7 as we move forward with our next Work Day.  Breakfast is at 8:30 a.m. and if you would like to join us for Friday night just call camp and let us know.  We're pretty confident that by next Saturday there will be no snow.........well we're confident that there will be no snow inside the cabins!  Here's Christoph and Kurt working on the ceil