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AGM Awesome!

We were serving Cotton Candy at our Open House! June 25th was such an amazing day. Seriously one of the most fun meetings around. As a society - our AGM is not only a time to bring our membership together, it's also a time to share ideas, pray for our board, and get excited about the future. I mean - how often do you hear people getting excited over financial reports?!? They did at our meeting! Ice Cream, voting board members in, and exciting news updates filled the first half of the meeting while Gerrit and John had us laughing and smiling with their testimonies. We also had focus groups to get input from our members about how we become Ambassadors for Camp Evergreen, how to increase our Volunteers and do a better job of caring for them, our Spring Fundraiser, and our Pond Hockey fundraiser. Each Focus Group spent time talking about each topic - which we will report back on very soon. The most exciting part? We nearly doubled our membership from last year which is ye

Father and Son Retreat in Pictures

This last weekend was our Father and Son Retreat! And wow - it nearly knocked our socks off even before it happened! More than 80 Fathers and Sons joined us for the weekend. I have a feeling that next year there will be space issues. Want to help us solve that? Go to to find out! Our speaker, Chris Ney, spoke to our Fathers and Sons about Identity: where they find their identity, who people see them as, and how we are to be reflecting God. It was an incredible weekend in our sessions, activities, and in the Dining Hall...oh boy, the food was unbelievable! Rather than try and describe the retreat - let's just show it to you in pictures. I think you'll quickly understand why Father and Son is where it's at! Well - that's a wrap! As you can tell - it was an amazing weekend with our Dad's and Sons. I hope you can join us next year...and in 10 days (June 25th)...when our AGM and Open House happens!! Registe

Evergreen's AGM - not your everday, joe-normal meeting.

June. It's June 9th. We're less than 30 days until the first day of Summer Camp. Whoa. We're 15 days until our Summer Staff arrive. Which means one more thing... We're 16 days until our AGM and Open House. Let's talk about our AGM for a moment. Annual General Meeting. Doesn't sound like fun, right? Who wants to come to camp for a meeting. But that's where you would be wrong. We do skits, have ice cream, laugh (a lot), explore camp, and take an active role in where Evergreen is going. It's a gathering of people who are "sold out" for camp. You're in a room full of folks who have a deep love of Camp Evergreen, who believe in the importance of camp, and who want to be part of what we do here. Sounds a bit more interesting, right? Do you love camp? Do you believe in what we do here? Did you have a life impacting, life changing, life transforming week at camp? Maybe YOU haven't personally experienced camp but you've seen th

Spring in Full Swing

Just over a month ago we welcomed 17 more staff onto site for our Spring Season. These staff, along with our winter staff, have been and will continue to serve our Guest Groups that come through the camp in May and June. These groups are largely made up of schools, Scout and Guide groups, and Churches who are having retreats here. Gerrit and Mikaela Challenge Course Training Days are busy and long - three meals a day, five activity blocks, cleaning, and evening programming which includes wide games, Yodel 'n' Hum, and campfires. Our staff work tirelessly to serve our groups and make sure that they are having an unforgettable experience here at camp. Sometimes you hear people say that camp isn't a "real" job. I'm pretty sure I could make some pretty strong arguments towards saying that there are not many jobs that measure up to camp work. It's not just work though - our staff do Bible Studies together, play sports together, and straight up hav