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University, Staff, Skittles & Jesus.

Hi, Hello, How are you? Today I am going to take you on a bit of a journey... rabbit trails and everything but I do hope that at the end I can bring it back around to a place where people can understand. Let me start with a few stories. I set out to write this blog post last week in preparation for this coming Wednesday and guess what? It is Friday already.. wait Saturday now! How did that happen? Writing this blog post has stirred up many memories of university. I would spend hours at the library staring at the computer screen itching to get a few words on the page. Late nights and procrastination were my forte. I would be the one running into class with the paper fresh off the printer. Why? Maybe I needed the deadline but I also felt the need to make it perfect. I would always strive for perfect but felt like I would come up short. What is perfect anyway? A few weeks ago Travis and I headed out on the Camp Days Tour. If you have never heard of Camp Days, this is wher

Life at the barn!

Over the past few months we have received three new horses: The Team - April and Irish: We were blessed to have a mother/daughter team of Clydesdale horses donated to us by Bob and Marianne Thiessen and Elvin and Jan Kopp.  Ernie and Linda Wiens donated room and board to the team as they adjusted to our Alberta winter. April is nine and pulls on the right, Irish is five and pulls on the left.  Since their arrival at camp we have been working on the solidification of their training.  They came from working in a team of six, so they are still adjusting to the partnership.  April, being older and the mother, is often more calm and level headed.  However she is pregnant and tends to slack on actually doing much of the work when pulling the wagon.  Irish on the other hand is more like a giant puppy than a horse.  She loves attention, has a ton of energy and does 80% of the work when pulling the wagon! Diesel: Diesel came to camp from horse broker Greg Wakefield.  He is a great

One Step at a Time

Asking for help is not one of my favourite things to do. Independence has always been something I've been good at. Until now. You see, seven weeks ago I got my heel bone and achilles tendon reconstructed. It's a pretty big surgery that results in about six months on crutches. The surgery wasn't a surprise and I had thought that I had prepared myself for the first leg of the journey. I had someone coming to check on me but in my mind - I was going to do this on my own. I, Jogee, was going to remain independent! Boy oh boy, was I wrong. Everything was more difficult; making meals, feeding my dog, moving laundry. Everything. Was. Hard. I quickly discovered that there would be no getting through this without help. It's one thing to ask for rides to and from work or take Koda for a walk but I found myself resisting from asking for help in all areas. Areas like - cleaning my house and grocery shopping. It became hard for me to ask for help in these things because they