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Week Four Rocked!

It has been a great week here. Sure - it started off rainy and wet but that only created a springboard of muddy Willsonball fun and beautiful weather to follow. It didn't matter if you visited our Trails Away site, the teepees with our Roughin' It Boys, or on-site with our Explorer kids - CAMP ROCKED THIS WEEK! Our Interns are getting ready for their second full immersion week in their chosen area of focus which happens next week. Interns choose one of Cabin Leader, Barn, Kitchen, A/V or A-Team to train in. They will fill one of those roles next week during Sparks! And of course - we can't forget our Pit Crew 2 kids who are wrapping up their last week at camp. They have been working hard and playing hard. I've even heard rumours of a late night Sundae Party last night. Our speaker, Kathryn talked about Rack, Shack, and Benny this week. Emphasizing that God is with us wherever we go, that we can talk to God and He will always answer us (even if not exactly the an

He is Covering My Six

A break from our regular posting - we wanted to share one of our staff member's story with you.    Picture this, you are standing in the centre of a clock facing the direction of twelve O'clock, six O'clock is directly behind you. You are now unable to move in any direction and are left with using your peripheral vision to see around you, making your line of sight limited.  Your six o'clock or back, is completely vulnerable. Now place yourself in the middle of a battle field, are you worried yet? Don't be, because you have a partner who is "covering you six". That partner can see what you can't and is focused on your welfare. "He is covering my six" has been a motto of mine for a number of years. God has demonstrated many times how He is always covering my back, and these past few months have been no different. Let me give you a glimpse of what I mean.     At the end of April I made a big move from Okotoks to Vancouver in order to attend

Through rain or shine!

We're approaching the end of our second week of camp here and it's been a good one! Yes, it rained a bit but the sun was also out for a large part of the week.  As we close out today - the wind is blowing and the rain keeps falling (we're pretty okay with that so that the firefighters get a bit of help and we can keep having campfires in the evenings). Our Igniters were tough this week - playing when it was hot and playing when it poured rain. Right from the beginning - we knew it was going to be an exciting week. The Ignite campers sang loud in chapel and ran hard in games. As you saw on our Facebook Page - Wednesday's weather was perfect for the Party at the Creek and Field BBQ...followed by one of our favourite games, B3C. I have to say though, our Roughin' It Campers are the toughest. While all campers this week had to play through the rain at points - the Ignite Campers get to get inside heated, lit cabins at night. Those Roughin' Campers tough i

And We're Off!!

We started summer off with a smashingly great week! The weather was great (it only rained one night) and kids had a blast across the board. We had 158 campers enrolled in camps this week - Internships, Pit Crew, Trail Blazers, Roughin' It Girls 1, and Charge 1 all ran at capacity this week. What a way to start summer! Whether the kids were enjoying what we like to call "extreme colouring contests" out at Charge (paintball) or a relaxed, yet adventurous experience at our teepee site (Roughin' It Girls) - or maybe running around sleeping in cabins up here on our Base was had, ridiculous games were played, and Jesus was present. Our Interns and Pit Crew are part of our discipleship campers where campers are learning how to be Camp Evergreen Staff. They work hard to clean facilities, serve the Base Camp kids, and learn about God in new and deeper ways. There were moments this week when I had to sit back and laugh as Lendrum Lodge girls walked by with

The best AGM ever!!!

Most people don't get excited about Annual General Meetings, but here at Camp Evergreen we like to think of them as our Awesome General Meeting and combined with our Open House in the afternoon is one of our favourite days of the year! Highlights of this years AGM include:  - a great skit led by our German volunteers.  Watch out for that squirrel!    - three board members sharing a short testimony and being re-elected for a three year term.  - a great (and entertaining) financial report - thanks Kevin!  (who knew financial reports could be entertaining?)  - the launch of our Reaching Higher campaign.  - free 2016 camps given away.  - record number of 54 members present!   Each member present received a backpack with a special members pen and pin.  Courtney was also handing out an alumni pin that we were encouraged to proudly wear throughout the day.  Its never too early to start thinking about becoming a Camp Evergreen Society Member or joining our staff!