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hi y'all. jenni here. for those of you who haven't heard, courtney is off dump-tackling people on a rugby field, so i'm here... holding the fort. doing the dishes. updating the blog. etc. jenni's favorite things: playing on rocks/mountains (that's me in the picture) doing dishes drinking tea with jordan laughing and crying at the same time driving the quad with koda fall is here. which means rise up is here! september 21-23... about 70 people came out for rise up. the highlights... seth franco came out again. i'd love to hear your thoughts on his talks. dale friesen and vicky berg and the band. breaking chairs during icebreakers... "i have never" became a full-contact sport NO SNOW! all-nighters (ugh! i bet you slept all of sunday afternoon) mission impossible if you want to get in touch with seth or see what he's up to, you can find him at . everybody went home tired and happy. but while you were sleeping... just before