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You have to love when a plan comes together. Our Tough Camper Run was one of those plans. We've been tossing it around for several years now - wondering if it would fit in our "family" of annual events. We're always excited about the idea of welcoming families and new people into our Camp Evergreen world and we really started feeling like an obstacle race - one that could challenge not only individuals but families and youth groups - could be just the right fit. We set to planning the course - which basically meant that John (a.k.a. Dish[Rack]tion) consistently ran the developing "course" several times a week over the last five months until we had a path that we were happy with. Then came the obstacle design. We researched, we met with some experienced race organizers, and obstacle experts and started planning our event. The weather was perfect as seventy racers checked in for the race. Costumes, custom-made shirts, and families of all different ages