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The most clever title ever

Hello everyone it's time to update the blog about 'stuff' 'things' and.... ummm....'the like' I am excited to update this blog it is one of my favorite things to do. Well without any more introduction here we go, apologies for the lack of proper grammar and spelling STUFF: Life is busy here at camp, many children come and go. At times our camp is full of children running around. The field games are incredible to watch with so many smiling, frolicking children We teach them stuff about nature, horses, crafts and climbing (to name a few) and then we do it all over again. More kids come sometimes even before the first ones leave It is just over half way through our spring and some of the us are pretty tired. I continue to learn about relying on God's strength and not my own. God says to 'come all you weary, and find rest for your souls.' We can trade burdens and his is easy and light. It has been raining allot and we are all wet and the boot roo