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pillar 2007

i want to tell you about something that's been stewing here for a few years. we call it PILLAR, and we kicked it off this september. we're studying God's Word. we're taking an "urban plunge" in calgary in november. we're taking on some outdoor challenges. we're trying to figure out what it looks like to know Christ and enjoy Him. what does it mean to pursue Christ? and to bring glory to Him? that's us on our first mountain day - on the summit of mount yamnuska. staff, pillar-ites, and rolf - our trusty austrian guide. who? anyone age 18-25 who is passionate about pursuing Jesus Christ what? PILLAR when? september-december and/or january-april where? camp evergreen and beyond why? because i want to live with passion and purpose. because i'm hungry to be molded into the person God created me to be. marshmallow roasts. serving camp evergreen's guests. horseback riding. a fondue party. devos together. team building. family nights at j-bee